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OOH Today Weekend Update —Instant Karma —’23 Conference, 26 years, 4 of 5 Unhappy, 52 Faces and 1 Week Later

Instant Karma '—23 Conference, 26 years, 4 of 5 Unhappy, 52 Faces and 1 Week Later

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A weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed, along with colorful commentary from BB

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1. The 2023 OAAA OOH Media Conference

Mark your calendars for the 2023 OAAA OOH Conference from Monday, March 27 to Wednesday, March 29, 2023. The industry’s premier conference will take place in Nashville, Tenn.

BB’s Take

The annual must attend OOH conference starts March in Nashville. We will be taking suggestions to the organizers of the conference for this year, the OAAA. I spoke to Anna Bager at the IBO Conference last week regarding the same and will submit our ideas. If you have suggestions for 2023 Annual OOH Conference, please send them our way and we will include them in our discussions. Suggestions to BillBoard@OOHToday.com

2. Clear Channel Outdoor Hires Ad Veteran Chris Pezzello

Clear Channel Outdoor Americas has hired veteran media leader Chris Pezzello to oversee and direct all its Chicago market operations including sales, marketing, real estate, public affairs, operations and finance. Pezzello is a sales veteran with over 26 years’ experience in revenue growth and profitability, strategic planning, designing high performance sales teams, using data insights for improved performance and building long-term client, landlord and municipal relationships.

BB’s Take
Spending significant years in the OOH business in Chicago, how appropriate the Chicago skyline is as the backdrop for Pezzello’s photo. We had the good fortune of spending several hours with Chris prior to the OOH Convention while at Marco Island. Pezzello has proved himself a leader in our Industry. We know he will do well. 

3. Sometimes You’re The Windshield

 “There is one aspect of my job function that I really, really don’t relish,” — Jim Johnsen, Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company

BB’s Take
A bit of mustard and onions with that relish Johnsen?  And we always thought Jim Johnsen’s job was one of travel and leisure. In this piece, Johnsen shares one of the most agonizing aspects of his work duties. Sure, call it tough sledding, but let’s also be grateful for the snow and the sled to provide us the opportunity. As Johnsen states, “You have to make 4 of the 5 really unhappy.” We say, be happy you have 4 or 5 seeking your services to choose from. 
4kclips shutterstock_1450088315

4. Oh the Irony of this Found Quote —Insider Share from the IBO Conference

For those of you who attended the IBO Conference with us this week in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should appreciate the irony of the following quote, which we ran across while reading, of all places, the OOH Smart Brief.

BB’s Take
Look, we do not want to over hype this for the upcoming OOH Today podcast, but the irony and instant karma of recent events must be shared. Podcast on its way. Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the baer eats you.  Dinner served.

5. 52 City of Chicago Digital Billboard Faces Now 100% Owned by JCDecaux

 JCDecaux has increased its stake in Interstate JCDecaux, LLC from 50% to 100%. JCDecaux North America is now the sole owner of the company which operates the 52face Chicago Expressway Digital Billboard Network under a longterm agreement with the City of Chicago. All 52 digital billboard facesmost of which are 20 feet by 60 feet, are in the City of Chicago, which is the third largest media market in North America.

BB’s Take
We were told while attending the IBO Conference last week, that the Big 3 were in the bidding battle for this and it included an upstart out of Phoenix, which was identified as ‘leading as the trojan horse’ carrying the bids upwards.  At the end of the day, was there any doubt that Decaux would ‘win’ the ownership? 

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6. Kate Scanlan Joins OAAA as Director of Communications and Content

It is with a great sense of pride and pleasure to share this latest announcement of a new hire at the OAAA.

BB’s Take

How things change so quickly. One week ago, we were ‘commenting’ on the importance of the OOH Associations’ hiring people with OOH experience, following the announcement of Jeff Jan joining the OAAA and now here it is, one week later, check out the most recent of hires by the OAAA—Kate Scanlan. She has OOH experience. 16 years! Did we mention she worked with OOH Today most recently the last 12 months? 
Kate Scanlan
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