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Oh the Irony of this Found Quote —Insider Share from the IBO Conference

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For those of you who attended the IBO Conference with us this week in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should appreciate the irony of the following quote which we ran across while reading, of all places, the OOH Smart Brief, this morning. The OOH Smart Brief carries ‘news and insights about the OOH and DOOH industry’ as sponsored by, yep you guessed it, the OAAA. We could not refuse the opportunity to share. 


If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.

Thomas Pynchon, writer



Apologies to those who did not attend the conference and are not able to share in the meaning of the humor of this referenced quote.  We will share it on an upcoming podcast soon. Yes, the podcasts are returning just in time for the 4th quarter. 

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  1. Nancy says

    Nice teaser, can’t wait!