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New Year’s Resolutions 

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1 year is 365 opportunities

You are, what is next for 2018.  It’s time to make a fresh start and establish goals you’d like to work toward Next Year.

One typically, critical error in moving a resolution forward is a lack of creativity in setting and executing goals.  Focus on improving your business or your professional self at the start of a new year.  Remember, be creative about it.

New Year’s resolutions which might give you ideas to get started.

  1. Show up everyday.
  2. One year equals 365 opportunities! Use every single one.
  3. Write these 2 down.: Every ‘No’ brings you closer to a ‘Yes’.  ‘No’, means, ‘Not today’.  Place them where you can see them daily.  Ask  you artist to make it beautiful.Cuban no closer to yes
  4. Connect more!  Network more with those you have had less contact with. Move out of comfort zoned contacts to grow new ones. You never know what that new person can share if you don’t make the attempt.effort
  5. Read more.  Books, news related articles, OOH Today blogs, Business-related, and titles and subjects which help you grow personally.
  6. To grow as a professional take professional training in your field.
  7. Work smarter, and harder.
  8. Follow the 80/20 Rule. Focus on the 20% that generates 80% of …revenue/results.
  9. Participate more!  Join.
  10. Everyone in the company is a salesman.  Get everyone on board with selling and promoting your organization.  Everyone.  Easy start-social media.
  11. Write guest posts, especially for OOH Today, to establish yourself as an expert in OOH.
  12. Use all social media.  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  13. Consistently post good, positive content on social media.
  14. Exceed sales goals this year.  But first, complete a detailed plan or road map on how to get there.
  15. Take more time to qualify prospects. Yes, it’s still a numbers game but quality helps.
  16. Respond to work emails only during  hours planned.  Good luck with this one.
  17. Take your full vacation time and one real long-term vacation. Leave the phone off.
  18. Streamline sales and managing operations and processes and make sure every system is utilized.
  19. Buy Salesforce.  If you have it already, implement more of its capabilities.
  20. Get more sleep this year! 4 to 6 hours a night doesn’t cut it.
  21. Get out of the chair and walk more.  Exercise routine is best of course.
  22. Because you are trying more, you will make mistakes.  Learn a lesson from each.  If you’re not making mistakes, you ain’t trying hard enough.

You have resolutions to share?  Let us know. Comments please.  Good luck.  BB

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