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14 OOH Professionals’ Resolve for 2018

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We contacted a number of hard-working professions in Outdoor Advertising and asked them about their New Year Resolutions for 2018.

We know they are hard-working because they were available this week.  Their email and voice mail did not ping back with an Out of Office reply.

OOH Today asked 14 Outdoor Advertising Industry professionals about their personal and business resolutions for 2018.

What resolutions do you have for the New Year?
1. personal 2. business

Jean-Paul Gedeon, President, JPG Media, Outdoor Advertising
  1. Personal – (Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually) To be the guiding light for my family. Be an example of excellence and understanding.  Achieve success in Jean-Paul Gedeonareas I choose. Stay healthy and positive.  Be a supportive Husband and caring father for my new baby (due in June 2018).
  2. Business – Team Build and expand our OOH network to include DOOH in our Shopping Malls, and Grocery Store Network.  Partner with new properties and bring disproportional value to our existing partners and client.  Pioneer new OOH Experiences in our Hawaii market.
Alex Kim, CPO, Chief Partnerships Officer , Blue Bite
alex kim
1. Personal- Practice one day of Screen abstinence throughout any given week and replace it with practice in stillness. This seems to give me a better perspective in various important facets of my life.
2. Business- Instead of blaring WHAT we do well…really dig deeper into HOW we do it well and how it applies to one’s business goals.

Denise Mercado, Director, Strategy at Billupsdenise mercado
1. Personal – Do more volunteer/ community service work.
2. Business – Provide clients with smarter plans using Billups internal resources such as our data science team and Boohma, our recommendation engine.

Kyle Dorton, President, Insight Advertising
Kyle Dorton1. Personal – Focus on living a balanced life.  Before 2018 starts I plan to evaluate on 1 to 10 scale where I’m at Financially, Career, Spiritually, Family, Mentally and Physically.   I’ll have written goals for improvement for each area.  Schedule a consistent time each week to monitor progress.
2. Business –  Involve customers in goal setting.  Post goals where they’re top of mind. Deliver results that exceed expectations.

Todd Hansen, General Manager, Sun Outdoor
todd hansen photo1. Personal – Sell more space
2. Business – Return to basics and work the market. Take more market pre and post. Consolidate the buying process inside the company. Create a better plan for buys and stronger market communications.  Develop space / not just sell space . View all space as a possibility to be sold.  Return to creative as the lead in presentations. Not leading in with photo pages. It is amazing how great creative finds its way to great space.

Dylan Mabin- Senior Vice President at Geopath
dylan mabin photo
1. Personal – Make time for hobbies.
2. Business – Communicate clearly and more often.

Dave Menk, Creative Connection Catalyst, Clear Channel Outdoor
David Menk1. Personal resolution — To be actively doing at least one thing that I enjoyed when I was younger by year’s end. This might include: playing baseball or basketball, drawing or painting, and writing or photography.
2. Business/mission resolution –  Be consistently active in nurturing meaningful partnerships that impact lives positively.  To finish in this regard just as I start the year– doing my part each day and letting go of the results.

Rod Collins, 
President, Bulldog Mobile Billboards
rod collins
1.  Personal – Take 50 yoga classes at Yoga Pod Downtown Dallas, Texas.
2.  Business – Purchase or fabricate a new LED billboard truck 1st quarter 2018 – my 11th advertising truck in the Bulldog Mobile Billboard Fleet.

Ray Rotolo, SVP GM Gimbal,
ray rotolo

1. Personal – spend more quality time with my family

2. Business – push the boundaries of OOH/digital/mobile/data for brands and networks

Bob Wolfe, Owner, OutSelling, Inc.

bob wolfe

This year I am going to do “reverse psychology resolutions” as in years past, all resolutions imploded by January 15.  Therefore:

1. Personal Resolutions – I am going to try to gain at least 20 pounds in the upcoming year and am going to resolve to eat more salty snacks and fast food while trying to stay more dormant.  I will start talking more and listening less all while having less tolerance for things that piss me off.

2. Business – I am going to strive for complete mediocrity. We will aspire for 0% growth and actually be comfortable with the way we were doing things in the past and try like heck not to change anything as change just means more work on all of us which takes us away from not achieving our personal resolutions.
Happy New Years to all and here’s to a programmatic approach to absolutely everything we do in 2018.

Amy Poling, Sales Account Manager at Sign Pro, Inc
1. Personal – Spend more time playing- do fun stuff to create lifelong memories
2. Business – To master a new field and own it!
Glyn S. Williams, Media Director Rapport US
gly williams shirt photo (2)
1. Personal resolution – Live my best life. Be healthy, see more of this world, and help make those around me live better lives. Especially volunteering more, spending more time in my community giving back to those in need. There’s no limit to the amount of good we can do for each other and those in need of a little help.
2. Business resolution – Help my team and coworkers do their best work and make every client we work with say “Wow, I didn’t know we could do that.”
Ashley Brennan, Multimedia Sales at City Outdoor, City Wildposting and City Eventions
ashley brennan
1. Personal – Become More Active. Stimulating my mind and body by taking the stairs, avoid elevators and overall improve my strength and endurance.

“Life never gets easier, you just get stronger.” ― Avinash Wandre

2. Professional/Business- Back to School. I would like to continue my education and look for opportunities that will expand my knowledge.
“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki


Kristin Carlin, VP & Account Director, Media at Billups

Kristin Carlin1. Personal Resolution:  To prioritize my personal interests by spending more time on hobbies, travel, and volunteer work that speaks to me.

2. Business Resolution:  To be better about leaving work at work and making my time outside the office more about recharging my “battery” for the next day!

What are your New Year’s resolutions this year? Would you like them to appear on this list of resolutions?  Please leave your resolutions in the comments and we’ll add them to our list.

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  1. Adam Hollander says

    Adam Hollander, Director, Brand Marketers, Inc.

    Personal: Overall spend more time on my family, friends and self development. Take time daily to teach my children skills and habits to master this dynamic new world. Help less fortunate. Have more fun and stress less. Meditate more.

    Business: Launch 2 Kickstarter projects. Pitch new OOH ideas everyday. Bring to market 2 new ooh mediums. Help my team grow and prosper. Network with more advertising colleagues.

  2. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    Thank you for allowing us to contribute!

  3. Amy Poling says

    All in all 2018 will be a year of success if we work hard and embrace the change that we can influence!!! Happy New Year!

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