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Steve Nicklin —The Use of Certain Technologies with Large Format OOH Targeted to Drivers

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In last Sunday’s OOH Today Weekend Update, we commented in two separate posts on the viability of QR Codes in OOH. Steve Nicklin, Senior Vice President Marketing & Analytics at OAAA shared comments on the OAAA’s position on the use of QR Codes with large format OOH. 

Good question in the commentary about the OAAA Harris Poll research on Quick Service Restaurants. The survey included consumer exposure to any type of OOH format.

Regarding the use of QR codes, the question included a combination of QR, tap or SMS/text engagement. The results showed the greatest propensity for these specific engagements in large urban areas of 1 million plus in population, which reflects the much higher availability of Street Furniture and Transit formats.

The use of these technologies, including QR codes, with large format OOH targeted to drivers is not recommended by OAAA.

Thank you Steve Nicklin for clarifying and sharing your expertise.

If you missed the posts from last Sunday, please find them below with the relevant commentary.  

  1. In OOH Today’s post It’s the ‘Little Billboards’,  Seth Godin shared his misgivings on the use of QR Codes with large formats. We expanded Godin’s statements further, saying, “OOH… At 55 MPH, good luck with trying to safely or successfully scan a QR Code.  And yet so many in the OOH Industry espouse the use of QR Codes in nearly every OOH format.”

     2. Regarding our repost of the  OAAA Sales Tip: The QSR  and the latest OAAA-Harris Poll research results, watch Wednesday’s OAAA–Harris Poll Q2 Consumer Insights and OOH opportunities webinar.  Our question on this research: “What was the OOH format which was measured? Not large format. Which is OK, but please don’t mislead us into believing it is all OOH media which QR Codes are effective.”

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