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OAAA Sales Tip —The QSR

OOH Ads Drive Quick Service Restaurant Sales

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by Steve Nicklin
SVP Marketing and Analytics, OAAA

The QSR category produced a solid 7.3% increase in OOH spend in 2021, and the latest OAAA-Harris Poll research showcases why OOH is an important component of the fast-food media mix. McDonald’s is the classic OOH case study, having earned the top spot in OOH spend for almost the entire past two decades.

OAAA will share the results of the complete Harris Poll Q2 research, including the QSR portion, in our member webinar this Wednesday, July 20, at 2 pm EST. In the interim, OAAA members can access the highlights in the Infographic and below are results underscoring the value of OOH.

Among US adults 18+, 60% of consumers recently noticed OOH ads for QSR restaurants, and the following consumer segments have an even higher notice rate:

  • 77% of Gen Z
  • 76% of Millennials
  • 69% of Urban residents in cities of one million plus population
  • 65% of Men
  • 62% of Urban residents in cities of under one million in population

And notice of OOH QSR ads leads to in-store purchases and online activation as shown in the chart below.

For complete research results, be sure to register for the OAAA – Harris Poll Q2 Consumer Insights and OOH opportunities webinar today.

Source: The Harris Poll, Kantar

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  2. Steve Nicklin says

    Good question in the commentary about the OAAA Harris Poll research on Quick Service Restaurants. The survey included consumer exposure to any type of OOH format. Regarding the use of QR codes, the question included a combination of QR, tap or SMS/text engagement. The results showed the greatest propensity for these specific engagements in large urban areas of 1 million plus in population, which reflects the much higher availability of Street Furniture and Transit formats. The use of these technologies, including QR codes, with large format OOH targeted to drivers is not recommended by OAAA.

  3. OAAA’s Steve Nicklin to the rescue! Great work in clarifying for OOH Today’s 27.000+ readers. We are very appreciative of the information you shared. Thank you!

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