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It’s the ‘Little Billboards’

A Knock on QR Codes

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One of the top bloggers in world, Seth Godin, writes a daily post which is typically thought provoking and deep in moral authority.  I don’t always agree with everything he says, what he does say always gives me pause to consider more than myself and OOH.  Godin’s blog is found at Seth’s Blog (seths.blog). His Sunday release is titled Little billboards 

Godin’s simplistic style makes a connection with the ‘new billboards’ of today, namely social media, from his experience viewing actual billboards in Manhattan. Very much the same observations our OOH Industry has been discussing for years, however a perspective eloquently framed as only Seth Godin commonly serves up in his daily blogs. Also catch his comments, which OOH Today strongly agrees, regarding QR codes.

“Unless the person in the passenger seat has a telephoto lens on their phone, there’s no way in the world that this is going to work.”

“Actual billboards are a whole category of media, but now we’re surrounded by a new kind, a smaller, more evanescent and common one: Social media posts. You might see a thousand of these a day.” 

Read the entirety of the ‘Little billboards’ post by Seth Godin here⇒Little billboards | Seth’s Blog (seths.blog)

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