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New Tradition Launches Experiential Division NTX

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This July, New Tradition is making a splash in the out-of-home industry by launching a new division – New Tradition Experiential or “NTX”. New Tradition is a leader in the out-of-home space with a robust profile of premium signage nationwide, including some of the highest trafficked properties throughout the country.

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These venues include Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Union Station, Bayside Marketplace, South Station Boston, Rivercenter San Antonio, The Bloc, other locations central to Hollywood and Times Square – all that amount to over 100 million annual visitors. NTX will offer new and current clientele the opportunity to interact with targeted consumers and launch a memorable experience in any of these locations. There is also the opportunity for these clients to add signage that’ll complement their activations.

New Tradition has found that a well-positioned experiential campaign can create true interactivity with the target consumer on an unbelievable scale. National advertisers can take advantage of these opportunities right away.

About New Tradition

Founded in 2010, New Tradition is a premium out-of-home media company, specializing in best-in-class inventory across the country.  New Tradition helps brands stay top-of-mind, targeting consumers while they are on the go, in the areas they live, work, and play.  New Tradition works side-by-side with some of the top brands and agencies, helping deliver exceptional campaigns utilizing our premium large format, lifestyle center, and transit media.  New Tradition’s iconic inventory includes One Times Square and other marquee assets in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

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