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Two Outdoor Companies Convert to Lind PosterSpring

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Lind SignSpring Group announces that two additional OOH operators have converted their billboard plants to the Lind PosterSpring System.

Durden Outdoor of Dothan, Alabama, and Highway Displays Outdoor of Poughkeepsie, NY, have each announced conversion of their billboards to the Lind SignSpring for Outdoor installation system.

message for Wrapify
message for Wrapify

Durden Outdoor President Bill Durden Jr. said “We love the Lind PosterSpring installation system and wish we would have used them years ago. To date, we’ve installed PosterSpring on 345 faces, all with all our own crews. No other billboard installation system comes close in simplicity, durability and appearance. We are converting our entire plant to Lind SignSpring.”

Profile photo of Evan Hartman
Evan Hartman

Highway Displays GM Evan Hartman reported, “PosterSpring has caused our productivity to skyrocket!  We’ve converted 155 faces and can now install new ads in minutes. SignSpring durability keeps posters tight and fresh for months at a time. Lind SignSpring product, service and support has been amazing.  I highly recommend SignSpring at all OOH and sign companies.”

Profile photo of John L. Siegenthaler
John L. Siegenthaler

Lind Companies President, John L Siegenthaler welcomed the two companies’ usage of the system, “SignSpring for Outdoor was developed by a billboard company for billboard companies. SignSpring doubles and triples billposter productivity. Easy installation and rotation provide an unbeatable competitive advantage”.

About Lind SignSpringGroup
Lind SignSpringGroup is a spin-off of Lind Media, an Ohio-based operator of 1,600+ billboards. SignSpring was developed and patented when Lind Media was unable to find an efficient and durable installation method for pe posters and vinyl. SignSpring Group has developed a complete portfolio of fabric graphic installation systems that are in use worldwide.

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