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OOH Today Weekend Update

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A weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed, along with colorful commentary from BB.

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1. A Wiener, a Pistol and a Pecker

Numan, a digital platform for men’s health, has launched a nationwide digital OOH campaign in a mission to normalize men’s health concerns and address erectile dysfunction. The digital OOH drive features a series of bold creatives targeting men with the simple message to ‘fix yours’ with Numan.

A little misdirection with the copy and word play with a single OOH sized word nails it. What did you think they would have said? Penis?
Stellar Stuff Numan!

2.OOH Best Creative Last Week Today

Our weekly roundup of the best OOH creative executions include dynamic billboards harnessing the environment in analog (sun) and digital (weather trigger) ways, plus some timely trolling in the UK. 

Brewdog always on the edge with their advertising including OOH. Fabulous location. New England style hazy IPA in England. Now that’s a thought.
an aerial view of a building

3. OOH They Said It Today — JCDecaux’s Brad Palmer

JCDecaux National Programmatic Director Brad Palmer wrote a piece on the growth of the pDOOH sector and the “tech tax” debate. “It’s worth remembering that fees are powering innovation and providing understaffed agencies the technical support they need as they learn to execute out-of-home programmatically.”

Palmer is on point that fees are a part of the programmatic ecosystem. OOH programmatic software has a cost. Tech fee is an interesting description. We would differ that the fees don’t help drive the innovation. The success and subsequent outcome will be the driving force for innovation. Like most advertising, half of his statement is correct. And I thought executing programmatic was easy. What’s to learn? 

4. Amex Taps Billboards to Boost Small Businesses

As part of its ongoing Shop Small initiative, American Express rolled out a new DOOH campaign that uses a QR code to drive traffic to nearby small businesses. The creative is currently running in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and the featured businesses can be found on Amex’s Shop Small Map.

American Express and their small business initiative has been around since at least 2002 as I remember it, supporting the campaign with Outdoor. I sold a significant number of AE small business creative posters via Starlite Media around the country back in the day—thanks to Norm Chait, former MediaVest Billboard Boss. AE knows the last point of sale is typically OOH. Starlite fills that bill as most OOH does. Small shops who accept American Express enjoy the support. Hit those same shops up for more OOH, extending the buy.
Photo credit: Adweek

5. Rentbrella Installs Shared Umbrella Stations in New York

Rentbrella has installed and distributed 35 umbrella-sharing machines in buildings in Manhattan. Made with 100% proprietary technology and free to users, the umbrellas are funded through brand sponsorships on the moving OOH media.

Ever been stuck with a sudden rain shower in NYC while making sales calls without an umbrella? I have. Trying to find a taxi to get out of the rain? Magically the cabs disappear as the demand makes hailing one nearly impossible. Love the Rentbrella name and idea. Will it have the legs for success? As you have heard me say before and will continue to evangelize, if you’re going to make it as a start up in this business you must have critical mass. 35 machines in Manhattan? Peanuts. Just not enough venues tapped with that number.

6. OOH They Said It Today — JCDecaux’s Andrew Mullins

Andrew Mullins, Creative Solutions Director at JCDecaux, believes QR codes should be used on all OOH creative “even if it is just a direct link to their website.”

QR codes as standard practice? Maybe on the smaller OOH format DECAUX is well known for— read shelters and street furniture. What is the success of a QR code on large format at 55 miles per hour? 

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