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A Wiener, a Pistol and a Pecker —“Fix Yours” DOOH Drive

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Numan, a digital platform for men’s health, has launched a nationwide digital OOH campaign in a mission to normalize men’s health concerns and address erectile dysfunction. The digital OOH drive features a series of bold creatives targeting men with the simple message to ‘fix yours’ with Numan. OOH supports existing TV, BVOD and Radio, and runs until November 2022.

message for Circle Graphics

“Fix yours” was created in-house with 3 distinct creative treatments, each featuring a wiener, a pistol (toy gun), or a pecker (cockerel), alongside the call to action to ‘fix yours at numan.com.’ The data-driven digital OOH campaign was planned and bought by Bountiful Cow and is activated at times when historic Route data has identified a strong index to male audiences.

The campaign runs exclusively on Ocean Outdoor’s premium digital OOH network and includes iconic sites at Westfield London, Leicester Square, and Canary Wharf, and spans key cities including London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Glasgow.

Profile photo of Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies, Chief Growth Officer, Numan said: “This campaign is completely aligned with our mission to normalize men’s health issues, to break down taboos and get people talking about them. We are excited to launch this campaign and to provide more men with solutions to improve their health and wellbeing, as we look to close the gender gap in healthcare-seeking behaviors.”

Profile photo of Adam Foley
Adam Foley

Adam Foley, CEO at Bountiful Cow, added: “Introducing high-impact OOH inventory to Numan’s media mix takes advantage of the broadcast brand-building power of OOH to further boost awareness and capture attention in a typically conservative category. Digital OOH allows us to trigger the creative at the most effective times of the day and to create mental availability for potential buying situations.”

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