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Rentbrella Installs Shared Umbrella Stations in New York

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Urban mobility and advertising company Rentbrella has installed and distributed 35 umbrella-sharing machines, made with 100% proprietary technology, in buildings in Manhattan.

Free of charge for users, the kiosks make their relationship with the climate and the city easier by being able to move around the city regardless of the weather.

The perception of a shortage in the market by players that enable OOH media activations, with a focus on experience, coupled with the lack of smart solutions for climate protection in city centers, is what brought Rentbrella to New York. All throughout the umbrella-sharing experience, brands are able to hone in on the bond that is created as people are being protected from weather unpredictability.

Profile photo of Freddy Marcos
Freddy Marcos

“Over the years, consumers began to observe the attitudes of brands, with the objective of understanding which companies they identify with, and which ones deserve their purchase fidelity. That is why our business plan is based on a space of media that solves real routine problems. By taking advantage of the service, our users protect themselves from the rain or sun and allow the product to participate in their daily lives, all for free. This creates credibility, through attitudes, and this reputation is directed directly to the brands that advertise with us.”, said Freddy Marcos, co-founder of Rentbrella.

Aware of its role in prioritizing measures that have a positive impact on the environment, the company strives to employ sustainable development throughout its production chain. All umbrellas implemented in Manhattan, in addition to specially developed for the New York climate, have the fabric made from recycled PET bottles and, at the end of the cycle of use, are reused in new products, which also carry the identity sponsoring brands.

Umbrellas are made from recycled PET bottles and, at the end of the cycle of use, are reused in new products.

Based on these values and desires to add value, the first square to receive Rentbrella solutions was São Paulo. More than 350 stations have been installed in the city, which increase the availability of 40,000 umbrellas to people. Today, these points are capable of impacting more than 400 thousand people (in one day) and more than 6 million per month. Throughout this journey, Unimed (one of the main players in Brazilian private health), sponsored the entire São Paulo operation, with prints on umbrellas, stations and applications. This partnership resulted in the creation of significant brand awareness with users, who feel closer to the brand and countless times express their gratitude for the service on social networks and technology platforms such as Google Play and the Apple App Store.

About Rentbrella

Rentbrella makes sharing possible through technology and customer love. Today, the main tool for this is umbrellas; the organization has more than 350 stations distributed in the points of greatest flow in São Paulo and recently expanded its coverage to New York City. The company has a constant desire to expand to new markets, based on two main motivations: in a B2C angle, to bring as many people as possible, freedom and security in their mobility; in a B2B angle, make available to as many brands as possible the opportunity to advertise on a tangible and moving OOH media.

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