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OOH Today Podcast 13 —Breaking Down the RFP & the RFO

"Is It Ever Acceptable to Propose Outside the Scope of the RFP"

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OOH Today’s Podcast 13 —
“Is It Ever Acceptable to Propose Outside the Scope of the RFP?”
RFP’s  and RFO’s

The Board Room
OOH Experts / Board Members:
Jack Sullivan, Todd Hansen, Bob Wolfe and Daniel Wilkins

Todd Hansen, Jack Sullivan, Bob Wolfe and Daniel Wilkins

Excerpts from the Podcast:

Daniel Wilkins, “I would encourage it.” (Going outside the RFP)
Jack Sullivan, “I generally don’t like going outside the RFP.
“You’re doing a disservice to OOH Industry if you don’t go outside the RFP.” Bob Wolfe.
“Unfortunately, the days of agencies spending time in a market are gone.” Todd Hansen.

Jack Sullivan on RFO’s
(Adopting) “RFO’s will really shake up the way the Industry is bought and sold.”

Podcast #13   32.35 minutes —Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen


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OOH TODAY —The outdoor advertising industry’s only independent voice.
‘The Board Room’ is outdoor advertising’s unfiltered/unscripted podcast offering deeper insights of the Out of Home Advertising Industry. A panel of experienced OOH professionals discuss everything in the OOH space… agencies, buyers/sellers, creative, leadership, measurement, sales, technology and the journey.

Share your opinions, comments and experiences on the issues and answers presented in today’s podcast. Please submit questions for our panel to BillBoard@OOHToday.com


About our pod ‘CAST’ —Our format welcomes a panel of OOH professionals who are experts in all that is Outdoor Advertising. The group represents billboard owners, advertising agencies, and associations, who deliver a lively discussion of current OOH issues.  Listen to the issues of the day affecting the Outdoor Advertising Industry as we examine media owners, creative, ad sales, ad-tech and media executives, offering thought leadership and valuable takeaways. Our audience is comprised of Outdoor Advertising related professionals including Owners, Vendors, Advertising Agencies, Brands and Investors who desire to learn more through frank, intimate and non scripted conversations. 

We may not always say what you’ll like, but we’ll tell you what you need to know about Out of Home Advertising.


Podcast produced by William Farmer





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