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Here’s the Best Use for Drones in OOH and it’s not what your think

The Only Good Use for Drones in OOH —15 Second Video Captures

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Best Use for Drones in OOH
—The Video Below Captures

This video below is the best, if not only use for drones, when it comes to Out of Home.
As many of you know, we are not fans of drones taking photos or videos of billboards. While entertaining, the perspective a drone provides of a billboard and its potential view ability is inaccurate and could be very misleading. We recommend against. 

The use of the drones in the video below is fabulous creative, and the video, though only a short 15 seconds, shows the amazing creativity capable with drones. Click the arrow in the Twitter photo.  Is this OOH? I suspect it is.

a message from Wrapify


Anyone familiar with brands using drones for similar effects?

What are your thoughts? As many of you access OOH Today via LinkedIn, and we thank you, please subscribe and leave a comment on the site’s post.  Enjoy the video.




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