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What the Hell Happened to OOH Last Month? —OOH Today Podcast 56 —A Look at the Recent Events

The Billboard Podcast Your Boss doesn’t want you to listen to

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OOH Today Podcast 56—

What the Hell Happened to OOH Last Month?
—A Look at the Recent Events

The Billboard Podcast Your Boss doesn’t want you to listen to


—Likelihood to Opportunity —New Measurement Standard

—Ambush, Coup or No Coup —Geopath’s Kym Frank Out

—The Collaboration Myth
—Where are the Agencies and Advertisers?


There are a many billboard podcasts, only The Board Room brings expert based discussion of real issues, offering actionable solutions to the Outdoor Advertising Industry. Warning some of the commentary can be rough, if you want candy coated comments, delete and move on. 

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The Board Room’s Directors take on just what the hell happened the latter part of the month of May in our Industry? They’ll offer their expert opinions and experienced thoughts on what it means for measurement, Geopath, OAAA and the future of Out of Home advertising. 

Hear the OOH experts’ challenges, discussions and opinions. Getting after sacred cows in this cast.



Podcast #56 –26 minutes. Click the orange circle/white arrow below

The Board Room
Experienced OOH professionals debate of the challenges facing the OOH Industry Today

OOH Experts / Board Members:
Bob Wolfe, Founder and President of Outselling, Inc
Todd Hansen, President, Sun Outdoor
Jeff Joaquin, Co-founder President  Marquee Media
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Consultant, email: jsulli2703@gmail.com
Daniel Wilkins, Founder, Agency672
Moderator: Brent Baer,  Publisher, OOH Today

As Billy Long EVP, OOH Practice, Account Management at Publicis Media said recently, “you don’t want a non-expert representing OOH.” We could not agree more Billy. Insights from OOH Experts.

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OOH Today’s Podcast is produced and edited by Outselling, Inc
Podcast 56

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  1. Kasper Koczab says

    Great discussion, gentlemen! Thanks for the context and a historical perspective about what’s up with GeoPath & OAAA. Only concern was the lack of diversity among the guests, especially when discussing the role of two women leaders in the industry. Hope you make an effort to address this in future pods.

  2. thank you Kasper. Regarding diverse guests/board of director members, it is point well taken. We have not had a great deal of luck in recruiting females to join us and it is in part because of my lack of persistent effort. Every board member has offered to ‘give up’ their seat to bring in a female leader for the podcast. It is difficult for just anyone male or female, to join in, they must have independence to address our often critical of Industry issues from their employer, which is nearly impossible for BIG 3 Owner and Big 5 Agency employees. We are welcome specific suggestions.

  3. Kasper Koczab says

    Thank you for the additional context, Bill. It makes a huge difference to know about your efforts and the challenges thereof. Looking forward to more lively discussions!

  4. Tony Jarvis says

    Fascinating Panel. As a way of explaining the devaluation of OOH currency, which will give the sellers substantial numeric increases, the new OAAA OOH currency will be Pounds (i.e., Impressions). But, the old GeoPath currency was also typically referred to as pounds (i.e., impressions). Yes, but the new currency will be more like Egyptian Pounds, where as the GeoPath currency was closer to British Pounds. I will take 1 British Pound for my Egyptian Pound any day!! (Hint: The exchange rate is ~23:1 in favour of the British Pound.) An imperfect analogy but … I trust the sellers, Bob Wolfe, will enjoy their, “bigger numbers”. Sadly, I am certain the media agencies are already working on their discounting approaches for the new OOH currency because without an Eyes-On or Ears-On metrics (in any medium) there can be no brand outcomes per the ARF Media Model and best media planning & buying practices.

  5. Thank you Kasper, never the less we know it is an objective to find a female board member in the near future and failure is not an option.

  6. Thank you for the definitions and clarifications Tony Jarvis. We fear your prediction, “Sadly, I am certain the media agencies are already working on their discounting approaches for the new OOH currency.” At this juncture there is still hope these proposed guidelines and standards remain in the recommendations and not adopted status for an indefinite period or until a suitable round file option is exercised.

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