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The Whopping 31.4% Unaided Recall with Mobile Billboards

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The Whopping 31.4% Unaided Recall
with Mobile Billboards


Truckside Brand Lift Study showcases terrific unaided recall


by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

Pandemic life made the most social of us behave like shut-ins – searching for the next show to hook us so we could binge-watch our troubles away. So it’s not surprising the entertainment industry has been scrambling to keep up with the surge in demand, producing new content as fast as crews can be found to make it.

Among the productions were two brand new TV shows by Corus Entertainment, “The Equalizer” and “Clarice”, both of which needed to be showcased in a big way in order to build anticipation and viewership.


To achieve this, Corus turned to Movia to launch a truck-side ad campaign that could provide the kind of “big news” excitement they were looking for. A total of 22 trucks carrying the shows’ glossy announcements hit the road last March. The campaign ran for 7 weeks and gained roughly 45 million impressions – a remarkable number on its own, but did it translate into people tuning in?

To find out, Movia collaborated with Caddle, a 3rd party research company, with the aim to gain better insights into the real success of the venture.

And what a success it proved to be. The survey documented a spike in viewership after 12 trucks brought news of the shows to the streets of the Great Toronto Area, a population of 6 million people. The trucks’ routes were chosen to target consumers at home, where they were most likely to want to watch TV, as well as commuters, who were more likely to see the ads while travelling regularly.

Specifically, almost a third of those asked could remember seeing an ad for at least one of the two shows – without any visual aid. That’s 2 million people, or almost one third of Toronto’s population. It’s a number to write home about when it comes to unaided recall of most ad campaigns, even ones with much larger budgets.

resulting bums in seats,

As for resulting bums in seats, this was surprisingly high as well. In fact an outstanding 78% of people who saw the ads went home and watched one or more episodes of the two shows. And, to top it off, 53% watched two or more episodes, meaning a chance to gain those coveted long-term viewers that show producers dream of.

All in all, the data shows that when it comes to making a big splash about a new offering, truckside advertising is incredibly effective. Corus reached exactly the people they wanted to – those at home, and the highly-prized commuters, the latter of which are sought after for being twice as likely to recall ads they see. 

Overall, the high unaided recall and intent to act numbers show first-hand why truck-side advertising remains a force to be reckoned with. And, despite the fact that most people are now free do more than binge-watch, the frenzied buzz in content production is here to stay, so be on the look out for what to watch next. Chances are, it’s going to be big.

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