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Kentucky Moves to Times Square Drops Out of SEC Championship

Why X²?

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University of Kentucky DOOH Times Square

Why X²? They are UK! 

While in NYC last week for the DPAA events,  I photographed a few of the University of Kentucky football team digital billboards in Times Square. Nice creative which stands out among the dozens of digital billboards.  I was not sure of the purpose of their presence during my visit and then ran across this article about them on display in Times Square.  ⇒ Kentucky football in Times Square?   If they paid anywhere near the $1 million dollars the article suggests for X², that is nutty.  Not that the space isn’t worth it.  Surely it is, but for UK to spend it on their football team?

Coach Cal
 and the BBall team might make sense.  The basketball team is always in contention and bank financially.  The football team?  They got wacked this past Saturday by Georgia Bulldogs, 34 to 17.  Kentucky should win out and reach 10 wins this season.  They will likely play a Bowl game in Orlando or Tampa.  Still OOH in Times Square?   Check out one to the spots in video below.




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