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Best #OOH Creative

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There is nothing like a Louis Vuitton at your (bus) side.
Bringing the Health Clinic to the Neighborhood… shelter
Why just place a poster in the shelter when you can do this! Any questions where to go, for your Medical Urgent Care?

Best #OOH Creative

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  “Do Not Drop” by Moët & Chandon  Chicago Street Furniture
Drink It First
The 43rd Anniversary of Queen’s prog-opera-metal-pop hit. The Bryan Singer-directed film chronicles #Queen from 1970 through their 1985 #LiveAid performance.  #BohemianRhapsody #OOH
Tribute to Willie McCovey, San Francisco Giants.
Tribute to Willie McCovey, San Francisco Giants, All-Star, Hall of Fame, #MLB  McCovey Cove  Marquee Media


30 Students in Graham County are newly minted celebrities!
Graham Outdoor The future looks bright for these kids! Love the way the bank shows how special they are! #billboards

Maine school to Connecticut students: We want you!

The University of Maine looks to recruit Connecticut students. The program allows Connecticut students to attend the University of Maine at the same price they would pay to go to the University of Connecticut as an in-state student.

#UMaine’s Orono campus has seen an enrollment increase of 41%. Go to UMaine! #OOH
Nothing creates an overnight celebrity like a Billboard Poster!
Posters deliver!
Blacklight on a Black Night
Spotify created glow-in-the-dark billboards running in Los Angeles and Houston. During the day, the billboards are standard out of home reading, “Let the music play on.” At sundown, blacklight technology reveals glow-in-the-dark copy change to read, “Let the music play on forever.”
A SuperHero on a Super Bus

Trimble Transforming the way the world works, one bus at a time.
Trimble Bus Wrap / Vegas Convention-Patrick Stevenson http://www.trimble.com


There is nothing like a Louis Vuitton at your (bus) side.
Louis Vuitton bus wrap Miami AMH


She’s Climbing the Stairway to Health Care. Intersection connecting Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente dominating Seattle transit stations for open enrollment season. #OOH #StationDomination Intersection, Co.
The series of The Big Ketch from OUTFRONT Studios.
This design was created for a seafood restaurant with a board located directly behind their building. Taking advantage of the proximity, A board with a fisherman reeling in a 3D inflatable fish from the roof of the building. With the restaurant signage close by, the ad didn’t even need a logo.
The second stage of the campaign shows the same red grouper, but this time the fisherman is showing off his catch and holding out the huge fish for everyone to see. This concept was extended to social media, encouraging customers to share photos of their own “big ketch.” Postcards and coasters handed out in the restaurant further promoted the contest and gave examples of the different creative directions you could take for your submission.
The Big Ketch, a giant lobster claws reaching over the board. PVC pipes as antennae to make it feel even more realistic.
The Fishing Lure, the same inflatable fish about to bite a giant lure.
University of Arizona bearsdown on competition. #OOH


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