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The Year in Review from Geopath Acting President, Dylan Mabin

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A Message from Geopath Acting President, Dylan Mabin

All of us entered 2021 with a bit of fear and trepidation for what the second year of COVID might look like. Now, with 2021 behind us, I am pleased to look back at a year that has given me hope. Though we are still navigating a horrific surge in cases with the latest variant, the increasing rates of vaccinations and levels of community immunity are moving us all closer toward a safe future. I hope that 2022 brings a period of healing to those of you that have lost and struggled throughout.

When I stepped into my new role as EVP of Operations and Acting President of Geopath this past fall, it was reassuring to see the industry’s unwavering commitment to come together to create a shared vision for the future. The resilience and resolve our industry has shown over the past two years has been inspirational and has allowed Geopath to build an incredible and purposeful foundation for the future.
It has been rewarding to conduct the strategic vision work in such close partnership with the Board of Directors, additional industry thought leaders, and our consulting group to articulate how the organization can best support its members now, and in the future. The collaborative experience has been incredibly rewarding for everyone involved, and I look forward to sharing the strategic roadmap with everyone in early 2022 upon completion.

Geopath strives to echo the industry’s commitment and we will utilize our unique position to help the OOH industry achieve the full potential for growth. We have an extraordinary opportunity to enable marketers to connect with consumers by leveraging out-of-home media like never before.
Geopath is prepared to expand the near real-time data infrastructure it has been building over the past few years to improve the granularity and frequency of its forecasts and observed measurement.  Bringing this level of functionality with nationwide consistency of precision and accuracy will be a first for the industry.
With improved inventory auditing and mapping capabilities, advancements such as this will also assist in the growth of the industry by helping to facilitate the increasing number of programmatic transactions. Furthermore, marketing success is being measured by performance more than even and these improved capabilities will allow OOH to more easily be included in media mix and attribution models.
We will certainly have a lot to showcase and discuss in 2022. I cannot wait to see you in-person in the new year, particularly at the upcoming GO OOH Media Conference in May, hosted by Geopath and OAAA. Until then, be safe.
Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022! I am thrilled to see what the future brings for you, Geopath, and the entire OOH industry.


For more on Geopath’s Year In Review, and highlights from the year, please go to this link⇒  http://blog.geopath.org/index.php/2022/01/10/geopath-2021-year-in-review/

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