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The OAAA’s ‘Final Four’, Adam’s Cieslok and OAAA’s Colona Are Out, The Feds Back? and ADstruc Posting Up

OOH Word On The Street Today

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OOH Word On The Street Today

Opinion Editorial
by Brent Baer, Publisher OOH Today

Here are some difficult facts and credible whispers of what is going on in OOH. Hey Folks, don’t shoot the messenger. We report and tell it like it is.

First This
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Laura Colona

The Final Four
No, we are not reporting on the NCAA Basketball Tournament, though I do have UConn and Alabama as the final two. This is the final four or better said, the last four out, as marketing officers for the OAAA. All college basketball references are intended. Please don’t misinterpret our light hearted introduction. This is some serious ‘stuff’!
Here is the latest:
Laura Colona, currently listed in her LinkedIn profile as B2B Marketing & Communications Leader and Change Agent, is no longer ‘s OAAA Hires Rick Robinson And Laura Colona —Colona lists her last month with the OAAA as February 2023. Man, she and Germ departed very quietly.

For those who are keeping score at home, here is the historical roster of the OAAA’s Marketing Officers from the last 3 years based on the ‘players’ LinkedIn profiles. 

  1. Laura Colona -Former
  2. Karen Germ -Former  Karen Germ Is New VP Of Marketing For OAAA
  4. Stephen FreitasChief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas Announces Retirement —Assumes New Position Effective August 1

Jorg Cieslok

Adams and Cieslok Part 
Last year in April, Adams Outdoor Advertising announced the hiring of Jorg Cieslok as President and Chief Operating Officer. OOH Today announcement here —Adams Outdoor Advertising Hires New President And Chief Operating Officer Word is, Adams and Cieslok parted ways and Cieslok is out. His LinkedIn profile indicates he is no longer with Adams. That was a very short stint.

Also on the street, word that another Canadian who is running a US based OOH Media company, may be exiting their role soon.


The Feds are back?
Rumor is, and we stress it is a rumor with only one, but solid confirmation on this subject, Federal law enforcement is back in the hunt on fraudulent activity among a specific agency which directly involves the OOH side. Our story back in 2019 here — The Feds Are Back With Subpoenas For A ‘Large Marketer’.  It’s a reliable source sharing with us but since it is only one source, we reluctantly share this brief comment.  Let’s hope its only an unfounded rumor and leave it that, for now.

Project X Media logo

ADstruc Is Posting Up the OOH Industry ⁄ Removing the Blockers
Rumor is, Project X is creating a version of ADstruc for vendors.  Their popular in-house planning software has long been a favorite among those on the sell side for its user-friendly experience and excellent support staff. Last fall at OOH Today, we gave visibility to an ADstruc industry survey on this very topic here — ADstruc Surveys 1500+ OOH Media Owner Partners.  We’ve heard the response was overwhelming and the decision was made to answer market demand and build the tool.  Word is, they have already selected a small group of vendors to help shape the roadmap and feature development. They are also having a handful of private conversations this week in Nashville and may choose a few more “first movers” to join this group. ADstruc has always been about creating efficiencies with the belief this industry grows by sharing and bringing everyone together.  We applaud that sentiment and ADstruc’s aim to remove the blockers.

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