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OOH Weekend Update Today —The Very Naked JLO —Jeremy Male —Rick Robinson —Pepsi —And Tony Cioff?

What do The Very Naked JLO, Jeremy Male, Rick Robinson, Pepsi and Tony Cioffi have in common?

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A weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed, along with colorful commentary from BB

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1. Project X Announces Rick Robinson as CSO

Project X Media, Inc. announced the appointment of Rick Robinson as Chief Strategy Officer effective immediately. “This has been a long time coming,” says John Laramie, CEO of Project X. “Rick fits perfectly within our vision to further bolster our leadership team and continue scaling to be the most impactful agency for our clients.”

BB’s Take
Interesting comments by John Laramie ‘this has been a long time coming.” Very happy for both men. Solid people, both smart and capable. Also Laramie goes on to say, ” bolster and scaling impact.”  No doubt. Look for big things to happen with this agency in the future. We wish you well.


2. OOH They Said It Today: Outfront’s Jeremy Male

Outfront Media Chairman and CEO Jeremy Male weighs in on the current M&A market during Outfront’s Q2 earnings call.

BB’s Take
Males says OUTFRONT is “interested in filling out their footprint...”  in light of “there is no lack of interested sellers“.  We’ll see more continued expansion in the Western part of the US with OUTFRONT. As for the rest of the Country, it maybe more difficult sledding with others besides the remaining two thirds of the Big 3 with similar agendas.  How much are they willing to spend? A few Independents have their check books ready to acquire as well. Link. Verde. Reagan. Keep an eye on upcoming changes with Chicago inventory as well. May be a surprise acquisition soon? All in all, it proves OOH is a great Investment and will continue to grow and flourish.  

3. OOH Moves Today

Every Friday, we highlight all the people moves in OOH – including new hires, promotions and board appointments. Take advantage of this glaring networking opportunity.

BB’s Take
‘Moves’ shared 70 hires and promotions last week. SEVENTY.  The ad market is still hot. OOH is leading the way in employing and promoting their people. OOH is very healthy. Reach out to these highlighted people today. Send your congrats. Grow your network. Connections make careers! 

4. PepsiCo’s First pDOOH Campaign Via the Open Exchange SA

Hivestack announced a partnership with PHD Media that launched with a programmatic activation for one the world’s most popular food and beverage brands, PepsiCo, in South Africa.

BB’s Take
We understand many read this headline but not the details of this Pepsi Campaign running in South Africa. When the Big 2 soft drink companies speak, particular in OOH, everyone can not help but notice and listen. I think we would all like to see more of Pepsi in OOH in the States as well as world wide. Don’t lose that enthusiasm because it was in SA. ‘No’ only means, ‘Not today’. Call on your local Pepsi bottler. Stay after the National agency. There is no wishing the soft drink biz into OOH, it’s going to take a lot of calls and effort from everyone. Forget the old school rules of sales engagement. Make the calls. Start today if you haven’t already and continue if you have. 

5. A Marketer’s Guide to Advertising in a Recession (Hint: it’s OOH)

While other companies are cutting their ad budgets out of necessity, now is a good time to create brand awareness. The availability of ad space goes down when demand goes down, so now is an excellent time to dominate your market share before other companies catch up.

BB’s Take

This Wrapify post reminds us of the strength of OOH. Don’t forget the power of alternative OOH, in other words, non large format OOH. Marketing should be viewed as’ a long-term investment’ and OOH is that key Media format where one does not ‘have to spend a lot of money to create a brand that stands out‘. While one may not be able to time the stock market, timing is critical for marketing. In the big picture of overall budget, spend in OOH goes a long way. A typical 4 week OOH buy delivers reach and frequency greater than any other media. Dare one say significantly greater than other media?  How is your 30 second commercial doing right this minute? As for me, I know my billboards are delivering as you read this and continue, on and on.  

6. OOH Best Creative Last Week Today

From Birthday Suits to Aunt Flow, the top 10 OOH creative executions that came to our attention last week.

BB’s Take
Excellent creative this week. Will you look at this monstrous wall in LA of JLO! Nevertheless, we choose to feature poster panels as the lead in last week’s OOH Best Creative. The long linage of success of the poster panel goes back over 100 years. ‘One off’s’ have their place for effectiveness, but as we said, posters are often overlooked.  Dollar for dollar, posters will dominate with the volume of images throughout a market. No doubt the wall of the naked JLO as shown below, might take social media by storm, imagine the social storm if her image were on 100 poster panels throughout the LA market. Posters are the most under valued outdoor product. “They can provide scale to any audience targeting campaign and not every OOH company company has them“, Tony Cioffi, Eastern Pennsylvania Division General Manager, Adams Outdoor. Know the power of the poster panel. 
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