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OOH Today Weekend Update —Commentary on 6 Posts from Last Week

Clear Channel, OUTFRONT, Atomic Props, Movia Media, WOO and DEI

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A weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed, along with colorful commentary from BB

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1. TV Viewers at All-Time Low as OOH Hits All-Time High

The advertising sector is undergoing a significant upheaval, with TV impressions decreasing, digital channel costs rising, and new privacy standards complicating attribution for digital and mobile campaigns. While the situation is not ideal, it acts as a reminder that marketers must change up their tactics in order to avoid falling behind their competitors.

BB’s Take
Strong message from Movia Media’s CEO Casey Binkley identifying Television’s short comings. Let’s not focus on other media’s short comings, but laser in on OOH’s strengths and opportunities. As we have said in the past: Success comes via the old fashion way, it has to be earned. 

2. Clear Channel Modernizing NY Airports

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Clear Channel Airports have announced new, world-class digital media infrastructure at the region’s airports, including the unveiling of a transformative, new all-digital media network as part of LaGuardia’s reimagined Terminal C.

BB’s Take
How good is this new digital install at LaGuardia?  If it is as good as this photo, it’s awesome. Dominating travelers walking through the terminal with anamorphic content opportunities. Can’t miss.  Well done Clear Channel.

3. New Dates + Details for WOO’s First In-Person APAC Forum

The World Out of Home Organization’s first in-person APAC Forum is now scheduled for October 11-13, 2022, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Topics to be covered include Maintaining OOH’s Advantage in a Digital World; Responding to the Sustainability Challenge and Driving Growth in OOH through Audience Measurement.

BB’s Take
Just when we think the various trade associations have their proverbial ‘stuff’ together, WOO schedules this Kuala Lumpur conference during the NY Digital Signage Week and the must attend (for OOH Today and you) activities including the ever popular and leader among conferences, DPAA Digital Everywhere Conference, October 11 at Pier 60 (Chelsea Piers) in New York City. We understand that the OAAA and DPAA worked out their past conflicts of scheduling amicably for 2022 and now THIS calendar conflict with WOO.  Come on man!  Get it together. It’s 365 days. Choose more wisely. 
Kuala Lumpur

4. Your Ticket to the Golden Age of OOH

OOH has made a strong comeback since the beginning of the pandemic, and with everyone experiencing digital screen fatigue, it’s more important than ever to think outside the billboard.  Atomic Props lays out 4 key ways to make your next campaign legendary.
BB’s Take
Atomic Prop’s never ending success in creating the 3D effects to enhance the creative message in OOH. Check out the examples in the post and link over to the Atomic website for more examples. If you can think of it, Atomic can deliver it. Not always the cheapest, certainly at the top of the list of most capable. Why stay inside of the 672 square when you can add a few well thought and placed additions to knock it out of the park. All the way from Minnesota. Texas large deep in the Heart.  

5. Outfront Hosts Today’s Urban Consumer Conversation

OUTFRONT Media’s latest installment of their Influenced by OUTFRONT leadership series was Today’s Urban Consumer, moderated by Victoria Mottesheard, VP, NY Eastern Region Marketing.

BB’s Take
Look it’s a pretty simple observation: Considering who the consumers or riders are taking public transportation, the lack of diversity in this panel of OOH Industry experts is frankly, unacceptable. As one of our readers so deftly share with us in comments, “…not a real representation (of DEI) reflected in the panel. Surely not all urban consumers are white.”  When does OOH stop talking the talk and start walking the walk when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Don’t attempt to sway the conversation to what the narrative in this panel  was about. Stop the excuses. Missed opportunity. Show me the DEI in OOH!

6. OUTFRONT Cashes in at Vegas for 1600+

OUTFRONT Media has been awarded a five-year transit and transit shelter advertising contract by The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.

BB’s Take
Yes, BIG win for OUTFRONT! Who was the incumbent with this franchise? Is Transit the future of OOH? The big keep getting bigger. 

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