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TV Viewers at All-Time Low as OOH Hits All-Time High

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by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

The advertising sector is undergoing a significant upheaval. TV impressions are decreasing, digital channel costs are rising, and new privacy standards are complicating attribution for digital and mobile campaigns. The effects are being felt by advertisers through declining campaign success. Although the situation is not ideal, it acts as a reminder that marketers must change up their tactics in order to avoid falling behind their competitors.

Thankfully, there are many possibilities available in the world of advertising, especially when out-of-home (OOH) advertising is employed.

I just came upon an article that I felt to be amusing enough to share. On the debut of a new TV breakfast program in Sydney, Australia, only 44 viewers tuned in. These numbers may be the lowest in Australian television history, according to 10 News First. Check out the story here.

Stumbling across a similar article,

The reason behind the shift in Media

There are fewer channels out there that people are willing to pay to access. As a result, there are fewer individuals who still watch television, which has led to a decrease in TV impressions.

Are people running out of time – or desire – to watch TV?

The main reason behind diminishing TV ratings is the decline in viewership because of competition from other sources of entertainment such as social media and video games. Due to the quick accessibility of social media and the internet, people’s habits have slowly turned away from TV and into their iPhone.

And it’s not just marketers who are having to adjust to this new reality. For the entertainment industry itself, finding ways to advertise new TV shows requires some alternate ways of thinking as well. Billboard advertisements are one possibility, or in the case of one of our recent clients, truckside ads in residential neighborhoods helped spread awareness to people at home looking for something to watch.

Whatever the brand or client, it’s clear that audiences are continuing to shift away from their TV screens in droves. To reach them, we need to keep our finger on the pulse of how and where people are spending their time, then devise strategic, creative and nimble solutions to meet them in these new spaces.

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