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Outfront Hosts Today’s Urban Consumer Conversation

Mottesheard, Hughes, Temes and Rappaport—Today @ 2 PM

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OUTFRONT Media announces the next edition of their Influenced by OUTFRONT leadership series: Today’s Urban Consumer.

This conversation will take place this Thursday, August 18 @ 2 pm EST with Victoria Mottesheard, VP, NY Eastern Region Marketing – OUTFRONT, as the moderator.


Profile photo of Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes

EVP, Managing Director, Audience & Intelligence Strategy – Magna Global

Profile photo of Amanda Temes

Amanda Temes

Manager, Media Strategy & Affiliate – Fresh Direct

Profile photo of Brian Rappaport

Brian Rappaport

CEO, Quan Media Group – Quan

Please join us, you can register for this free event here: registration page

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Join OUTFRONT in conversation with industry experts to learn more about how brands are reaching the Urban Consumer today. Cities are active, flexible and vibrant! Public transportation continues to move residents and tourists with new patterns of behavior and a new type of commuter has emerged. We’ll explore how brands are adapting to this changed behavior and the ways consumers are now engaging with brand messaging along their commutes as they continue to ride public transportation for both professional and personal purposes.

A live Q&A will follow. Questions can be submitted in advance to OUTFRONTXEvents@outfront.com.

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  1. Russ says

    I’d be curious around the numbers and demographics that make up urban residents and public transit users – most likely not a real representation reflected in the panel. Surly not all urban consumers are white.

  2. Excellent observation Russ. While your comment will not be a popular one. Diversity, the lack thereof; the obvious Achilles in OOH.

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