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OOH On The Street

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OOH On The Street Today

We’re sharing a few OOH conversations, comments and rumors you may find of interest.

Let’s start

¡ We heard Dana from OUTFRONT Media, yes that Dana, is going to work for the LA Angels MLB organization. We don’t see Dana as a baseball guy (didn’t he play college football?) but we can imagine him as one of Arte’s Angels. Plans to getting a jump on a newly forming OOH organization until the non-compete runs out? That said, he swings a hell of a three iron, so a baseball bat should be a simple adjustment.

¡ We check in with Cohoot as much as we can, to stay up on what is buzzing with OOH sellers.  A recent post in Cohoot, indicated Cedric from Kinetic has left and is going to work for Blip. If that is the case, Blip seems to be loading up on quality people related to OOH. First, Daniel Fleischer in early October OOH MovesNow⇒   cedric from kinetic has left – anyone else?

¡ I had a ‘catch-up’ phone call Monday with an old friend in the OOH business. He made a change of companies about a year ago. I asked him how he was doing.  He said he brought in over $2 million in new business this first year and the company was very happy with his efforts.  What he said next was very revealing about his company and superior.  His boss told him, “If you can make a couple of more (sales) calls every day then forget the call reports. I trust you. If I didn’t trust you, I would not have hired you.”  

Obviously sales reports are more than just informing the boss that you are working. Do sales reports bog you down to the extent it reduces ‘a few calls a day’ you might otherwise be making? I know it did me to the extent the boss wanted ‘every phone call, answered or not, email, card, letter, face to face meetings and trips to the bathroom. OK, not the last. Considering the work reward ratio, would eliminating your current reporting process add to your effectiveness and increase your revenue? 

Share your experience, observations or comments in the ‘Leave a Reply’ below. 




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