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Must Read from MediaPost —’Opportunity,’ Not ‘Likelihood’ To See Outdoor

If you read only one thing today

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‘Opportunity,’ Not ‘Likelihood’ To See Outdoor
Must Read from MediaPost


If you read only one thing today, read this 
from MediaPost written by Joe Mandese


Mandese, Editor in Chief for MediaPost, discusses the recent announcement by the OAAA Publishing the Out Of Home Impression Measurement Guidelines.

If you work in Out of Home, it is a must read. And make sure you read all of the comments listed below the Mandese story. Some are very compelling.  One ends with a bit of levity, as final exchanges on Canadians’ and Americans’ similarities and differences with the English language.  If you don’t laugh out loud, you likely don’t laugh. 

Here is a brief excerpt from the story: 

“It wasn’t clear why the OAAA is regressing the industry standard, when GeoPath, an out-of-home audience measurement service that has operated in the U.S. since 1933 (formally known as the Traffic Audit Bureau) had already elevated it …”

Yes, it’s like that.
Please let me remind some of you again, OOH Today is the messenger. Don’t like the message?
Take it up with the author.  joe@mediapost.com

Click this link⇒   OAAA Unveils New Measurement Standard Based On ‘Opportunity,’ Not ‘Likelihood’ To See Outdoor Ads 05/18/2021 (mediapost.com)


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  1. […] Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief for MediaPost for over 17 years, wrote via MediaDailyNews, another telling post yesterday casting light on recent moves by the OAAA in the measurement of Out of Home. Here is the link to our reporting of the first post on the subject⇒ Must Read Opportunity Not Likelihood to See.  […]