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June Sauvaget, Brex CMO Revisits OOH with Latest Campaign

attributing 30% of its customer acquisition to the billboards

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Brex revisits OOH with their Latest Campaign
on heels of Series D raise & entry to SMB’s



by Will Farmer
Media and Communications Manager, OOH Today



This week, fintech unicorn Brex is rolling out a multi-city out of home (OOH) campaign focused on targeting small business customers in local DC, Miami and Houston markets. Brex, who is no stranger to OOH advertising, saw unique success from its original campaign, attributing 30% of its customer acquisition to the billboards.

Out of Home is the only medium that provides us with the opportunity to be local and authentic in that message

We spoke to June Sauvaget, who is CMO of Brex. She gave further details into the campaign, as well as its importance to the OOH industry. Here’s her insight:


Discussion with June Sauvaget,
CMO of Brex




Will Farmer: Please give an overview of this campaign. Who are the advertisers? Where are the locations? What OOH formats are being used?

June Sauvaget: The billboards will be in Miami, Houston and D.C. In Houston, we will focus on a long route from Houston to Woodlands, featuring Macarooz (local to Houston), domaselo, Snacklins, Upkeep, Kid Power and human-I-T. In Miami, we have 12 bulletins and 80 transit shelters featuring 10 customers, including all the above, and Vegancuts, SÜPRMARKT, F. Ferguson Books and Launch Pop. And domaselo is local to Miami. In DC, we have 100+ transit shelters featuring all the customers mentioned above, and Kid Power is local to DC.

WF: How does this campaign target small business customers?

JS: The billboard placements will feature actual local Brex small business customers, including bakers, children’s book authors, and snack makers to showcase how Brex’s all-in-one finance solution uniquely helps them manage their books more efficiently so they can spend more time focusing on their businesses.

WF: In addition to small businesses, how does this campaign help the OOH Industry as a whole?

JS: Our goal is to educate a wider audience on Brex’s all-in-one finance platform and show the world that we are more than just a corporate card for startups, and instead a one-stop-shop for financial solutions for small businesses. Featuring local businesses in the streets of their city was an important component of this campaign and a way to give homage to the community. Out of Home is the only medium that provides us with the opportunity to be local and authentic in that message — which is a unique opportunity for the industry to continue to bridge national and local businesses.

About Brex

Brex is all-in-one finance for growing businesses. They help companies spend, save, and earn smarter—and take every dollar further—by doing more than a bank, bookkeeping, or reward program could ever do alone. After completing the Y Combinator accelerator program in 2017, Brex has grown to over 600 employees and raised over US$940 million in venture capital. Visit brex.com

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