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MediaPost’s Editor in Chief —’It’s The Video, Stupid’ —View on the OAAA’s Release of First “Buyer’s Guide”

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Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief for MediaPost for over 17 years, wrote via MediaDailyNews, another telling post yesterday casting light on recent moves by the OAAA in the measurement of Out of Home. Here is the link to our reporting of the first post on the subject⇒ Must Read Opportunity Not Likelihood to See

It is an important read illuminating an apparent sea change in the positioning of OAAA in the out-of-home ad industry’s measurement currency, and who and how mobile measurement standards for digital out-of-home media are determined. Is this a question of too much power associated with one organization? If so, how does this play for the entire Industry particularly, the smaller OOH providers? 

If you are a thinking person in OOH Industry, Mandese is someone you would want to follow as well as familiarize yourself with his thoughts on the direction we’re going. Below are some of the points he makes as well as a link to the entire story.  



Joe Mandese

“OAAA Buyer’s Guide: It’s The Video, Stupid”

by @mp_joemandese, Yesterday






“In a major push to equate video ads in digital out-of-home venues with linear TV, OTT and streaming, the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) today is releasing its first “Buyer’s Guide” devoted to video advertising.”

“Dentsu Media Americas’ CEO Doug Rozen writes in the introduction to the guide, providing a tacit endorsement for guide, which is largely a promotional pitch for out-of-home media outlets.”

“It also appears to be another push by the OAAA to encroach on the turf of the other trade bodies—in this case, the DPAA (Digital Place-Based Advertising Association), which has long been the primary association organizing digital out of home video advertising industry initiatives.”

“It also follows pushes by the OAAA to set industry standards that would normally involve other bodies, including last week’s release of advertising measurement standards that appeared to undermine the out-of-home ad industry’s long-standing currency, Geopath, as well as mobile measurement standards for digital out-of-home media released earlier this month that were made without the involvement of other relevant trade bodies.”


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