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A Must for Advertisers —A New Digital Video Out of Home Buyers Guide

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Provides Play-by-Play Guidance for Advertisers on Planning and Buying VOOH


WASHINGTON D.C. – The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), today released its first “OAAA Digital Video Out of Home (VOOH) Buyers’ Guide” to help advertisers navigate the VOOH landscape and take advantage of the medium’s benefits. With the country emerging out of the pandemic – alongside the fact that top digital video networks surpass cable and broadcast against critical audience demographics – VOOH has the potential to be a “must” for advertisers. This comprehensive guide is  intended to provide step-by-step insights and guidance to promote the medium’s growth.

The guide covers:

  • Audience segmentation, including mobile and contextual targeting
  • Location-enhancing content
  • Publishers
  • Measurement and attribution, including VOOH impression measurement and proof-of-play
  • VOOH ad formats

It also addresses key standards and pricing, as well as direct and programmatic buying recommendations. Case studies from big name brands such as McDonald’s and Turner Sports are also woven into the material to provide real world examples of VOOH in action.

“As the media landscape continues to evolve, there are incredible opportunities to build meaningful stories using video in new environments, including out of home,” said Doug Rozen, CEO, dentsu Media Americas, who penned the guide’s opening statement. “VOOH remains untapped, and if we can adopt ‘any right screen’ mentality – be it in home, on a phone or in public places, VOOH is poised to see tremendous success.”

VOOH is all premium inventory. It’s always 100 percent viewable and doesn’t have issues being skipped or blocked. Christina Radigan, CMO, OAAA.

“Video Out of Home offers advertisers the power of sight, sound, and motion at tremendous scale – with reach that surpasses television in many critical demos,” said Christina Radigan, CMO, OAAA. “In addition, VOOH is all premium inventory. It’s always 100 percent viewable and doesn’t have issues being skipped or blocked. Needless to say, giving advertisers a better understanding of VOOH’s ins-and-outs will be key to motivating an uptick in spend.”

The “OAAA Digital Video Out of Home (VOOH) Buyers’ Guide” was published as part of the Future Proof: OOH Media Conference from the OAAA and Geopath. To read the guide, please visit www.oaaa.org/VOOHBuyersGuide


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