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I’ll Begin Again

OOH …Here’s One Thing

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Stay Homas


OOH …Here’s One Thing



by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company



I’ll Begin Again

Since the 4th quarter is still in “formation”, at least according to what I am hearing from the the marketplace, (meaning its either going to be great or a wet turd…and know one knows yet!), I thought I would hold off on “serious” ’till my next post. 

Anyone else hear of this Spanish band phenomena called “Stay Homas”?  Leave it to a 17 year old to let me know what’s up.  Essentially, its 3 roommates (Stroink, Boltó and Benet) in lock down in Barcelona, who decided to clown it up a little in their spare time and record a Covid song for everyday they were in quarantine.  Here is their 7th one, Volvere A Empezar (I’ll Begin Again):


Fast forward, they are now the talk of the town in Spain and they are cutting their first album, lining up a concert tour and receiving all kinds of accolades from the likes of Michael Bublé.  In addition, they have thousands upon thousands, of YouTube views and over a half million follows on Instagram.  Not bad for a few young blokes from Barcelona.  This kind of “innovate to overcome” would make Barry Frey proud.  

Any way, these guys got me thinking.  Anyone else miss David Letterman’s Top 10 on Late Night?  Well in his honor, as well as in recognition of all those affected by the pandemic, the shootings, the riots, the fires and the floods (did I miss anything?), I thought it would be fun to do my own top ten list of the most relevant songs for these end of days.  Without further adieu, here they are.  If I offend anyone, take it up with the editor in chief.  









Finally, at the grave risk of offending someone (apologies in advance as no offense meant), I will leave you with this one:


Great music and great reaction.
And lest you think it is simple, look up the origin of the song here.


Here’s hoping you make it rain this week!

Jim Johnsen


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