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Coming Soon on Interstate-5—KEVANI’s New Digitals

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KEVANI Set to Launch Prominent Digital Advertising Destination on Interstate-5, Boasts Massive Audience Impressions

Part of their growing interstate collection in Los Angeles, the new i5 Pillars destination
showcases KEVANI’S dominant presence of iconic media assets in Southern California

LOS ANGELES, — KEVANI, Inc. —LA’s market leader in digital out-of-home media sales and development—is launching a new digital advertising destination along a highly trafficked corridor of Interstate 5 in La Mirada, California. The i5 Pillars will generate over 47 million impressions per month, giving brands an exceptional opportunity to reach affluent audiences.

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Set to launch in the first quarter of 2023, the new destination boasts prime placement, with no competing digital media within the line of sight. Its two structures each feature double-sided digital displays, optimized with 10mm pitch resolution to showcase crisp, striking visual ad content on 14-by-48-foot screens. Brands will multiply their impressions as travelers en-route to Los Angeles to the north and Anaheim to the south will approach the displays head-on, their size and scale unmissable on I-5.

“Interstate 5 has been a target for KEVANI expansion for a number of years and is central to the development of our regional network across the Los Angeles DMA,” said Kevin Bartanian, KEVANI CEO. “i5 Pillars deliver everything that an advertiser would expect from a KEVANI site: An iconic location, clear line of sight, innovative design, the very best technology, and above all—a premium audience. Collectively, these elements deliver a deeper emotional impact for brands wanting to target people on the move.”

KEVANI’s growing collection of premium advertising locations across LA includes The Towers®; Sunset Limelight; The Frames®; The Sunset Wallscape; i10 Beacon®; WEHO Quartet; & 2nd & PCH.

KEVANI is an out-of-home (OOH) media sales organization that promotes national and local brands through innovative outdoor advertising destinations. Our inventory provides a unique opportunity for our brand and agency partners to captivate their audience. We started KEVANI because we want to bring value to our medium, from the development of new destinations to the way the medium is sold. Simply put, our mission is to transform our industry and we do so by adhering to our Mission Statement.

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