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Playing Card Deck Winner

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ADKOM playing cards 2 Jokers

The Winner of The Pantheon of OOH —ADKOM Card Deck Give Away

It pays to read the fine print in OOH Today and as importantly, the entire post. We snuck in the giveaway opportunity of the ever popular and difficult to obtain ”ADKOM 54 Playing Cards’ — Appropriately named, ‘The Pantheon of OOH”.

In case you missed it—Adrian Cotterill — DailyDOOH — The OOH Luminaries Video—

“And if you are really paying attention to this post, note we will award the 12th person to send us an email today which has in the email Subject Line —”ADKOM Cards —The Pantheon of OOH” Rules for being awarded the deck are specific and listed in fine print below.”

And the Winner is…Drum roll…please … Mark Rausch won the playing cards. In Mark’s words, “Hope I am Number 12! These are freakin’ awesome.”

Yes, they are awesome Mark. Congrats for being the number 12 email. We will forward the cards to you as promised. Please send us a photo when you receive.

Thank you for participating and a big thank you to the 129 others who sent emails for the opportunity. Please keep reading, we will have another deck giveaway coming soon.

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