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Adrian Cotterill — DailyDOOH — The OOH Luminaries Video—

The Pantheon of OOH —ADKOM 54 Card Deck —Deck Give Away

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ADKOM playing cards -2 different Jokers
message for Circle Graphics

Adrian Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief, DailyDOOH & Co-Founder Ministry of New Media, shared a YouTube video of his take on the ADKOM playing card deck named ‘The Pantheon of OOH’. Cotterill is the chief architect and producer of the outstanding and informative New York Digital Signage Week, which was held last week. The Ministry of New Media produces events and publications for AdTECH, Digital Signage, LED and Out of Home. His 4 minute plus video examination of the ADKOM swag/promo given away at the DPAA Summit 2022, shows a few of the OOH individuals featured in the 54 card deck. In Adrian’s words, “You can see our (fun) take on the #OOH luminaries featured on the Adkom playing cards distributed at the DPAA Global…”

We would be remiss if we did not share that there are two (2) JOKERS in the deck, one of Cotterill and the other, yours truly.  And if you are really paying attention to this post, note we will award the 12th person to send us an email today which has in the email Subject Line —”ADKOM Cards —The Pantheon of OOH” Rules for being awarded the deck are specific and listed in fine print below.

message for Circle Graphics

Check out the video. 4:37
Titled— NYDSW 2022 – The OOH luminaries as featured on the Adkom playing cards.

Fine Print Rules for awarding one deck of ADKOM, The Pantheon of OOH, playing cards.
Only one deck will be awarded.
Email to: BillBoard@OOHToday.com
You must be the twelfth (12th) email with the correct information listed below.
The winning entry must have the exact words in the subject line— ‘ADKOM Cards —The Pantheon of OOH’
The email must be sent between 5:00 AM and 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time dated October 19, 2022.
You must include your shipping address and name/contact information in the email to win.

Sorry USA addresses only.
You must be a subscriber to OOH Today prior to enter. Subscribe in website http://www.OOHTODAY.COM
or to https://oohtoday.us17.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=8ee396adad71907c1fe98896d&id=a4ec0513ee

Must include your address for shipping. Sorry only USA addresses eligible. We pay standard ground shipping. No cost to recipient.
Final selection of the winning email is subject to the above rules and winning email selected by OOH Today publisher is final.
Winner will be notified via email and made public with OOH Today follow up post on the 20th.
Only the winning email will be notified.
If you prefer to be anonymous in the announcement, share your nom de plume” or a pseudonym.
All information is strictly confidential.

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  2. […] Adrian Cotterill — DailyDOOH — The OOH Luminaries Video— […]

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