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People ……people who need people —4 Tips to an OOH Pictorial Story

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And yes, as Barbra Streisand’s forgotten original lyrics would continue  “OOH People are the luckiest people in the world”  We do work in one of the best industries, and it’s all about the people in more than one way!


DPAA in New York reminded me how lucky I really am, people in OOH tend to stay in OOH; so in 35-plus years, I have been lucky enough to sustain some very long-time friendships.  As busy as I was saying hello and catching up with old friends at the conference, I found a few hours to wander around Manhattan before heading home to Bozeman. The sidewalks were teaming full of people as I explored the main avenues of New York.  It made me smile, feeling ecstatically positive about OOH.   People are the key contextual component in any street-level photography to demonstrate the effectiveness of your client’s campaign.  But not every city or shopping center is full of people walking near kiosks, bus shelters, and Transit ads 24/7 as they do in NYC.


Here are a couple of tips to remember to get those humans in the frame.

  1. Plan on the right time of day and day of the week  – What’s the human flow like?  Shopping centers are better later in the day or on weekends. Downtown assets may be better during the work week when people walk to and from their office or to lunch. Transit vehicles often have reduced weekend hours and runs.
  2. Nikon, iPhone, or Android?  – Although using a professional camera has its many advantages, your late-model cell phone can also work for your street-level assets.  Sometimes a cell phone is much better to use as it is not as off-putting as standing there with a Canon holding an intimidating lens.  Cell phone photography is everywand here, people hardly notice.
  3. Editing Apps – What’s great about cell phone cameras is their ability to edit on the spot.  One of my favorite free editing apps is called It has more robust editing tools that enhance photos when you need some additional help.
  4. When in need, use a colleague or friend. – If you’re on a critical deadline, bringing along a “model”  who can walk past or be in close proximity to the ad for that photo can be a lifesaver. Having them bring along a seasonal appropriate jacket or different top to extend their character uniqueness. No wigs are needed!

The key takeaway from all of this, is remembering that your photo needs to tell a story.  It should tell a pictorial story that may be seen thousands of miles from where it was taken. Your client may never visit a downtown like St Louis but showing a human representation of a token impression walking by their ad is critical for client satisfaction. At FotoFetch our team of 6000 Fetchers offers OOH photos, video and drone services that help tell that story your client expects.  We understand your needs and will always do our best to provide the winning photos you must have to make your customers want more OOH in their financial diet!

Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist
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