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OOH Today Weekend Update

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A weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed, along with colorful commentary from BB

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1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

John Miller. Lamar

Jim Johnsen, Managing Director of Johnsen, Fretty & Company, recaps the VIP DPAA dinner on the eve of the DPAA Summit. “Liz Claman and Katty Kay were great, no cream cheese off their bagel, but all I can say is John Miller … you absolutely CRUSHED IT.  I am going to be remembering that one for a long time.”

BB’s Take
I was fortunate to attend this most recent VIP dinner as well with Jim and approximately 100 others. This is perhaps the premier event of the DPAA Summit though I suspect Barry Frey might not agree. Oh he’ll agree with the quality of the event naming it the premier would detract from the main events the following day and that is the meaning of the existence. So let’s call another of many premier events held by the DPAA and if you are able to snag an invite, do it. As for the John Miller impromptu talk, Johnsen is right on with his observation.  Dust away the ‘awe shucks’ persona Miller owns and genuinely conveys and you’ll see and hear one of the brightest and most humble individuals in the OOH business. Sounds like John Miller’s son is a chip off the old block.
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2. The OOH Luminaries Video

Adrian CotterillEditor-in-Chief, DailyDOOH & Co-Founder Ministry of New Media, shared a YouTube video of his take on the ADKOM playing card deck named ‘The Pantheon of OOH’.

BB’s Take
I am happy to share the Joker card with Adrian. Though with that ‘stove pipe’ (I suspect the English call it something else) he wears certainly beats me in the style and photo department. Adrian runs a strong publication ship and numerous successful events through out the world. A few points to clarify. Candice Simons Brooklyn Outdoor is located in Detroit. There are 54 cards in the ADKOM playing deck. 
ADKOM playing cards 2 Jokers

3. Capitol Outdoor Enters the Drone Business

Capitol Outdoor is marketing drone light show advertising exclusively to the out of home industry. Capitol has secured locations in 10 US Cities for regular month over month campaigns in the traditional RFP process.

BB’s Take

Smart move by Capitol’s Chris Tavlarides. Partnering with a leader in the space. Expand the inventory. Choosing space with is unique, flexible and high tech. Congrats!


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4. Philadelphia’s Largest Independent OOH Company Acquires Atlantic City Bulletins

Keystone Outdoor Advertising Company has acquired Atlantic City billboard plant Shore Sign Services. The 47 new static billboard faces will put Keystone’s current clients in new prime locations like the busy Atlantic City Expressway, the highly traveled Margate Causeway, White Horse Pike, and Black Horse Pike.

BB’s Take
We would love to know who else was involved in this acquisition opportunity and missed the mark. Congrats to Keystone Outdoor. Keystone is now competing with the market leader, Clear Channel Outdoor, in both markets.


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5. What a Week Last Week!

We logged a few miles last week starting in NYC at the fabulous DPAA Summit 2022 and wrapping it up at the Outdoor Advertising Association of Illinois Annual Conference, in beautiful downtown Napierville, IL.

BB’s Take
Two great events. OOH typically puts on a nice show. I would strongly suggest the OOH Conference leaders take a thorough examination of the success process and formats enabled by the DPAA Summit. A significantly better mouse trap, a template to be followed, not ignored. As for the Illinois state association event another superb conference. Every OOH Association should be hosting an event on their own or in partnership with a nearby state. It is good for business. Invite speakers like Kerry Yoakum of the OAAA who absolutely hit it out of the park. We have become a fan of Yoakum since that conference. He tells it like it is. 

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