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Can a 12 Year Billboard Advertising Agreement Ever be Boring?

Really, a 12 Year Agreement?

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 Can a 12 Year Billboard Adv Agreement Ever be Boring?
The design can. But should it?

Sioo:x is a wood protection treatment brand which is used for outdoor surfaces like decks and patios.
The wood protection product guarantees protection for 12 years. We looked at the website and product photos: the silver-gray wood surfaces are amazing.

To prove its product durability, Sioo:x purchased a billboard with a 12 year agreement from OOH company, Look Media. The billboard, kiosk like, is a custom design created by ad agency Stendahls. I never heard of them either, but they are Europe and most of us are not. Why would we know them? Stendahls’ website, client list and creative work is very impressive. Check it out⇒ Stendahls’ website.

The OOH ‘kiosk’ is located outside of a large shopping mall in Malmö, Sweden. Sioo:x is a Sweden based company.  Malmo was selected because of its high humidity and number of rainy days per year.  It’s Portland type wet.

a billboard with a 12 year agreement

The company used treated wood taken from the existing wood deck of Sioo:x’s CEO. See the video in the link below:  “This is the world’s most boring billboard,” reads one side of the three-faced location. “We’re going to leave it here for 12 years, just to show how long our products last.”

It appears they are going to leave the same copy in the same location for twelve years! Risky planning!  It’s not likely anyone will notice it after 12 to 18 months, as we all know the creative will fade into the landscape and the message will lose its effectiveness.  I would hope there are plans afoot to change message or change something with it, at a minimum every year or more often. We’ll keep you up to date with yearly reports. Though, I am not sure any of us will have any interest for anywhere near that time. And based on everything I read about the product and my experience in finishing my own decks dozens of times, in hot, humid Atlanta: I am sold. I would be happy if the product lasted 5 years.

Risky planning!  … the creative will fade into the landscape and the message will lose its effectiveness.

Kudos to the brand for putting it out there with a 12 year commitment. While I have sold 3 year agreements with automatic yearly renewals which have gone as long as 8 to 10 years, I have never seen a 12 year contract in my 38 years. What is the longest agreement you have ever signed or placed? Please leave a comment if you ever signed, sold or seen an agreement even 10 years or longer.

Click on the link below from Adweek and contributing writer, Amy Corr to view the ‘case study’ which is a
1 minute and 12 second video⇒

‘The World’s Most Boring Billboard’ Will Do Nothing for 12 Years, as Proof the Product Works

Agency: Stendahls
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Cedergren
Copywriter: Mikael Andersson
Art Director: Josefin Thor
Account Director: Jens Flensburg
Production Manager: Anna Lotto
Film Photographer: Jens Dohnberg
Graphic Designer: Samuel Forsström
3-D Artist: Carl Björndal
Motion: Carl Björndal




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