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The New Kids On The Block

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The New Kids On The Block

When you hear the word cell phone charging stations what comes to your mind? For ECM Media, its one word, “relationships”. OOH Today will not argue relationships are important when marketing your products or service. We would add targeting is essential. Cell phone batteries notoriously run out of power too quickly. In an environment like a conference, it can be a scramble to find an outlet to recharge between breaks. The tables with multiple charging connections are a welcomed relief. Common in airports, casinos, restaurants, shopping malls, stadiums, and airports; branded charging tables effectively target.

OOH Today almost pulled off a last-minute ‘buy’ placing two of these cell phone charging stations at last month’s GO2018 Out of Home Media Conference & Expo in Austin.  Geopath, the 2018 convention’s host and vendor ECM, were more than accommodating in our late planning, placing ‘tables’ outside the doors of the main conference hall. Unfortunately, we were not able to pull the trigger in time to move forward. What better way to message the OOH attendees, especially when the Expo booths are sold out.  Bonus for us was the data collection for each person who plugged in.  For those exhibitors who secure a place in the Expo center, a charging booth would add to their visits and dwell time.
We still like the idea. Maybe, next year.

More about ECM Media.

ECM is a cutting edge OOH supplier with the largest network of cell phone charging tables connecting brands with consumers via their high-end cell phone charging tables. With dwell times which can reach over 25 minutes at locations, their new and exciting OOH platform allows brands to give a much-needed free service to hundreds of thousands of consumers while creating a lasting relationship between brand and consumer. When was the last time your OOH campaign gave something free away? ECM Media believes that should change and they are proving it with their network of charging tables in shopping malls and sports venues across the United States.

Did someone say data?  ECM Media able to collect consumer dwell time, report real-time consumer demographics such as age, gender, heritage, income level, consumer credit ratings, and 44 other lifestyle categories from consumers that plug into or come into contact with their charging tables.

Michael Margolies, Vice President of ECM Media says, “we’re in a new age of out of home advertising where consumers and advertisers expect more than just an ad placed in front of them, and brands demand real-time data and demographics reporting on their campaigns. While tradition OOH methods are great, it’s the niche advertising platforms that will allow brands to connect with consumers on a more personable level resulting in better relationships between brand and consumer.”

With over 250 locations in all major DMA’s ECM Media’s advertising platform will be sure to give your client’s brand maximum exposure to consumers, as well as create a lasting positive relationship.

Want to know more? Give Mike a call at 1(262) 203-8189 or email them at info@ecmmediallc.com.



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