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Billboard Advertising —IN SPACE!

Much ado about —Nothing

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Space as a billboard

We have been reading about the billboard going up in space.  Perhaps you have too.

It’s been all over LinkedIn, other social and news outlets. The website ‘Interesting Engineering’ reports SpaceX and a Canadian Startup Will Turn Space into a Billboard.
But wait, not so fast! If you read the article and it appears no one really has, and we are addressing especially all the LinkedIn pseudo OOH Influencers / self hypers who shared and have comments, the Canadian startup called Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) is putting a small satellite on an Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket. The rocket shot CubeSat satellite plans to put a pixelated display screen on one side that will be used for advertising purposes.

Display they say?

Here is the only sentence we needed to read from the story:
Since pixels are too small to be seen from Earth or from space, a selfie stick on the CubeSat will capture the image and live-stream it on YouTube or Twitch.

Much ado about nothing.

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