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5 Questions for Norm Chait —OOH Practice Lead

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Norm Chait5 Questions for Norm Chait
—Ubimo’s OOH Practice Lead

Over a period of more than 13 years
with MediaVest Worldwide, Norm Chait established himself as one of the top leaders in planning and buying of Outdoor Advertising as the SVP, Director of OOH Investment & Activation. Norm is a highly respected and knowledgeable expert, who directed blue-chip national and regional accounts on behalf of MediaVest.  

Recently changing employers, he is now the Head of Practice, OOH Solutions at Ubimo

We have known Norm from the very early days of his career.   It was natural for us, as I am sure many of you reading this today, wondering what Norm is up to, starting off with; What the hell is a ‘Head of Practice’ and Ubimo?

Here are 5 questions and Norm Chait’s responses.

BB: What the hell is a ‘Head of Practice?’ Tell us about your role. 

NC: In the same way that Ubimo connects the digital world with the physical world, I see my role as OOH Practice Lead being a bridge between ad-tech sales and an industry ready to embrace data driven insights around consumer behaviors.


BB:  Why do you think this is an interesting space right now? 

NC: OOH has always been about real-estate…location, location, location.  Inventory has historically been selected based on its size, proximity to a physical place or position in a neighborhood that a marketer has deemed important.  We will always own this buying approach as an industry, it’s part of the DNA of OOH.  However, we now have the ability to identify locations based on audiences.  Audiences have always been the currency of other media channels (TV, Radio, Print etc.) so OOH can now play in this space too and more so than others be truly accountable and verifiable.


BB:  What value is Ubimo offering OOH? 

NC: Ubimo is embracing the audience buying approach and recognizes that this is the direction the OOH industry is going – actually must go if we want to see share growth beyond our historical 4%.  As one of the largest buyers of persistent mobile ID data we enable actionable business solutions via our platform.  We empower sales teams by validating that their assets are in fact the right ones to reach that Whole Foods shopper, Auto Intender, Sports Enthusiast etc.  We arm Agency teams with the support they need to sell in that OOH campaign and all the granular board or screen level insights that go along with it to prove their target audiences are truly there.  Beyond our planning insights we’ve created an end-to-end solution allowing mobile extensions, Programmatic DOOH buying (fully transparent) and real-time attribution/measurement.  Each of these areas addressing a need that has existed for some time in the OOH industry.


BB: Tell us about using AI in a “static” space? 

NC: While OOH is a generally a static media offering technology is rapidly transforming the OOH landscape to highly digital and dynamic.  That said, applying AI to OOH static or digital, bus bench to multi-story digital spectacular – the value proposition is the same.  There are a variety of factors which influence the choice of media placement for a campaign, including media location, desired reach, attributes of the audience, and more. Now, AI can be used to combine these factors and identify the precise media locations to optimally run any advertisement. This includes the consideration of campaign parameters such as target audience, proximity to a store, type of media, or geolocations. Statistical analysis can be applied to calculate the affinity, or strength of the relationship between the media and the audiences of interest.


BB: Any other interesting information to share? 

NC: Media budgets are increasingly challenged.  “Flat is the new up” has been quoted for quite a few years now pertaining to ad budgets. Increased pressures from procurement teams to illustrate dollars are being spent as effectively as possible across all media channels is today’s reality.  Strategy teams and clients, the key decision makers on ultimately how much OOH gets pitched and bought, don’t necessarily have a bias against OOH, they just have not historically been able to prove that a dollar spent in OOH is more effective than that same dollar spent in another channel.  We can now address that very issue – we have the ability to verify that the media is matched to the right audience and can prove success via our attribution/measurement solution.




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