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Geopath Training Talks

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From the Geopath Newsletter 

August Insights Training Talks *Update*

What are Geopath Training Talks? 

These webinars are aimed at educating our members on recent updates to the Geopath Insights Suite, and analyzing the ways in which Geopath Insights data are changing the OOH Buying/Selling/Planning Process.

Our current format of Geopath Insights Training offer two distinct sessions, the Advanced Level and the Foundational Level. 

We believe this structure provides a lot of value to the majority of our members, as it outlines how to access Geopath Insights, and how to apply this data.

Foundational Level:

Date: Tuesday, August 27th, 2:00 PM (ET

During this session we will walk through the many updates to the Geopath Insights Suite over the past month, and highlight specific workflows within the tool. Plus we will show you how to pull the data that will be used in the Advanced session!

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about new features and functionality within Insights Suite
  • Get to know different workflows and how to use specific modules
  • Understand how to evaluate audience metrics against inventory

Make sure to tune into the Foundational Session to learn about the newest updates, as well as walk through features of the Geopath Insights Suite!

Please use the link below to register:
Webinar ID: 365-523-395

Miss out on last month’s Training Talk session? Click on the image below to check out the Geopath geekOUT Library, or follow this link to our YouTube page to view past sessions! 

Out of Home Office Hours

Out of Home Office Hours is a weekly forum available to all Geopath members where we present the latest in all things related to Geopath and OOH research & measurement. Check out our most recent videos below, or click here to see our entire library:




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