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Forecasting OOH Health Care Spend

What's Your Health Care Revenue Look Like?

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What does the next 2 years forecast for
Health Care Spending in OOH?

 Zenith’s Healthcare Advertising Expenditure Forecasts as summarized by Zenith’s Jonathan Bernard via MM&M and writer Larry Dobrow.

Barnard suggests “out-of-home advertising will be a secondary beneficiary when healthcare dollars start to cascade away from television. The report suggests that it’s (OOH) underused by healthcare marketers: it will account for 4% of healthcare spending in 2019 versus 6.4% of spending across all categories (see graph above). And that’s after healthcare OOH spending grew 11% last year and is projected to grow 15% this one.”

“Barnard points to digital displays, especially in highly trafficked urban areas, as the eventual game-changer.”

For the full story click to ⇒Seven takeaways from Zenith’s Healthcare Advertising Expenditure Forecasts written by Larry Dobrow

Graph: MM&M





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