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OOH’s 8,000 Different Audiences

What is Audience Segmentation? —An OOH Audience Fundamental

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Audience Segmentation

geekOUT —OOH Fast Facts Friday

For today’s Fast Fact Friday, we at Geopath wanted to give everyone a refresher on audience segmentation – as there will be over 8,000 different audiences to choose from within the new Geopath Insights! Check out the one-pager below and let us know if you have any questions regarding audience segmentation, the data sources that allow the process, or anything else!

Link to the above on audience segmentation⇒ audience_Segmentation_


a message from Geopath

Want to know more and develop your own fast facts?
Contact geekout@geopath.org
or Scott Fiaschetti at sfiaschetti@geopath.org
A message from Geopath

OOH Today — Fast Fact Friday





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