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The Future of Teaching in Digital Billboards

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Scripps Media, Inc
Fort Worth needs teachers.
They are willing to pay for them with substantial starting salaries and a serious advertising budget.

The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) in Texas, bought 5 digital bulletins in Phoenix and  a number of poster panels in Oklahoma, aggressively seeking, by educational standards it seems, teachers for their school district. The campaign message is short and direct, following the rules of effective OOH design. The copy says, ‘Your FUTURE is in a FORT WORTH CLASSROOM.’

The Fort Worth Independent School District offers a $52,000 starting salary for teachers.
Currently, in Phoenix, the starting salary for an educator was recently increased to $41,000.
For $11K, it is a move worth considering.  The FWISD lists 73 instructional openings on their website.  www.fwisd.org.

The Outdoor Advertising campaign is working. Fort Worth already landed two teachers from Oklahoma.  This is a text-book example of Out of Home at its best, dialing in its target audience and generating media buzz.

Read the story and view local Scipps Media ABC TV station video here⇒ Billboards call for Arizona teachers to leave for lofty salary in Texas



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