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Never be Afraid to Make Jack Sullivan call YOU!

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Never be afraid to make Jack Sullivan
call YOU!

Exclusive article for OOH TODAY by Tom Pilotti.
Tom Pilotti


Never be afraid to make Jack Sullivan call YOU!


Today we will debunk one of the oldest myths in OOH sales:
not calling on clients direct when they have an agency of record.
Every single one of my independent operator clients and sales people ask me the same question: do you have contacts at the big agencies for the national accounts. They have been scared shitless to call on clients directly in fear that they will be blacklisted or hung by their toes.
The truth of the matter is that if your income is based on filling OOH assets you are foolish not calling on every client with a checkbook and a pulse!
At the end of the day, clients determine the media they want, regardless of the agency recommendation. One of the biggest compliments of my sales career came from Jordan Zimmerman, of Omnicom fame. He told me, “ Tom, you always come in with a solid plan for our clients, makes our job easier and I really like that”. With 23 bulletins sold, everyone was happy. I called on his client direct, WDZL.
Years ago when I founded 3DI MEDIA, the worlds first indoor Lenticular / Holographic ad panel plant, the same situation presented itself. Going agency direct would take much longer than I had the capital resources to endure. The product was relevant, perfectly located and sexy ( just like your proposed OOH locations are!). A presentation was scheduled in Texas, with then UDV ( United Distillers & Vintners ), specifically Jose Cuervo and Malibu Rum. The client embraced it. The client wanted it.
The client embraced it. The client wanted it.
Imagine my sheer delight in getting a call from Starcom telling me that they wanted to invest 1.3M into the 3DI MEDIA OOH BAR BOARD program. I think Jack Sullivan was more ​surprised than I was, to tell the truth.
At the end of the day, everyone came out a winner. Agencies get paid on billing sold. Do the math…16 2/3% of 1.3M, for a paper transaction. 

The lesson to be learned, by example, is that you need to go client direct. Your company is counting on you to do your job and make these expert presentations. Aside from complacency, fear is the main thing that holds people back.
Need help crafting big boy ad presentations, call me, I am here to help you. In my opinion, major account selling / closing is the most fun you can have in the OOH business. Learn to represent your product with power and enthusiasm, because enthusiasm SELLS !
enthusiasm SELLS !
Do not expect the client to think. You are being hired and retained to think like a pro for them.
I have never been one to follow the rules, and have broken quite a few over the years. You do not get to my level with over a billion dollars billing sold without going outside the lines. Your clients are counting on you to solve their advertising problems for them. Conduct your sales affairs like a $1000 per hour advertising consultant, and Jack Sullivan will be calling you too.
Conduct your sales affairs like a $1000 per hour advertising consultant
Tom Pilotti
Tom Pilotti is a master sales trainer,
President of TomPilotti.com,
founder of The Outdoor Advertising Sales Academy.
If you have questions call him at 770.771.4650, or







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