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The CMO Shilly-Shally Effect

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The CMO Shilly-Shally

Notice a change in some of your agency relationships and personnel coming and going with your clients? You are not the only one.

SpencerStuart, a consulting shop with 60 years experience, has written about changes at the top marketing roles for 2018 and created an infographic of the movement of CMO’s.

It’s no wonder with all the changes at ad agencies and advertisers’ marketing teams, there isn’t more disarray among the advertising Industry.  Until they figure it out, it will continue to create difficulty for you in #OOH as well.

What can you do?  For starters, if you are client facing, keep your customers engaged and well attended to.  She may spend less dollars with you this year or next, but you will want to provide the same or greater attention as when money was more free-flowing.  Cause, she’ll be back.

Most importantly, “never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”  Share your expertise and market knowledge.  Help them keeping them up to date and informed.  As much as you are learning for yourself, sharing your experience and information with the client, keeps you valuable.  Maintain regular client up dates with OOH Industry changes. Encourage them to subscribe to OOH Today.

You may not be able to slow down the CMO/marketing staff shuffling because the impatience and learning curve for management and investors who are driving this change, is much greater than one can imagine. Eventually they’ll learn, and a greater sense of stability will take hold, allowing for substantive growth.

You’ll be around for it too, because you will have kept learning and plodding forward, engaging customers actual and potential.  Read the SpencerStuart insight here⇒ 2018: The Year of the CMO Shuffle

The Movement within the Chief Marketing Office

graphic by SpencerStuart Source: Research compiled by Spencer Stuart’s Marketing Officer Practice





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