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The Beatles’ White Album Billboard is Mysteriously Magical 

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The Night image of The White Album Anniversary release. Sunset Blvd.

The Beatles’ White Album Billboard —Don’t Pass It By

It has been five decades since The Beatles released their ninth studio LP, known as The White Album.. The 50th Anniversary Box set release of the Beatles famous ‘White Album’ includes the original double album – remixed for 2018 technology,  a CD of the acoustic rehearsal sessions (Demos) at George Harrison’s ‘Esher’ home, just prior to going into the studio to record the album, 3 Discs of alternate takes from the recording sessions – including early take of Hey Jude and the first ever Let it Be , plus an outtake of Eric Clapton playing guitar on While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Enough about the album and the music.

Go by the boxed set.  We’re about the billboard.  What we found as dynamic, (OK, kinda sorta, we love the White Album) is the #OOH created for the introduction of the new release.

This design and execution is it is printed on a double-sided day/night printing, called back light vinyl. The first image is the look during the day and the second photo with ‘the boys’ is the night image. Same vinyl. Not digital. No moving parts.  Just inks and light.  Premonitions of  ‘A Hard Days Night?‘  Pretty, pretty, cool. The 15 second video below shows all.

Dash Two made the OOH buy for Universal Music Group in markets LA and NY. The billboard pictured, is on Sunset Boulevard.  Other formats are wild posting and digital, again in both cities.

See the @thebeatles come to life at nightfall on Sunset Blvd. The Beatles ‘White Album’ Anniversary Edition is out now.






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