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‘Take This Lollipop’ An OOHorror Experience

GSTV Scares Gas Pump Patrons

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GSTV Scares Gas Pump Patrons—
Zoom OOHorror Short Film Experience


In 2011, the internet was introduced to Take This Lollipop, a digital film experience that asked viewers to click a button that read “connect via Facebook”. The film started, and viewers quickly learned that the story’s protagonist, a terrifying stalker, was stalking them. See a short recap, here.




The first film experience played on the very real growing concern about data security that for years had been splashed endlessly across major news headlines. Lollipop codified a collective feeling about what could happen if personal data got into a stalker’s hands.


Audiences loved it. Facebook, didn’t. Every major press outlet called. The website saw hundreds of millions of visitors, and the film received billions of media impressions. More than that, it left an indelible mark on our collective sense of security online.

And like always, life went on. Nine years passed. The internet got bigger, more vital to life. We stopped caring about data, and still use the same password everywhere. Remember all those data breaches? We don’t hear about them anymore. AI and Deep Fakes are so powerful now. Presidents, celebrities and athletes have been deep faked.


The first Lollipop warned people of the dangers of sharing personal information online. Now we want to show the world how someone can actually become you. Take This Lollipop 2 is a short film experience that plays on the new normal, ramping up a narrative that began nine years ago, a visceral ride rooted in the headlines that have whisked down our newsfeeds since 2011.

Directed by Jason Zada and collaboration from Jason Nickel (Imposium), with the help of Deep Fake artist Collin Frend (BirbFakes). To amplify the work, the team partnered with GSTV and Maria Menounos, whose series Better Together runs on the network. She agreed to be deep faked as a way to tease the experience. Spot1 / Spot2

With GSTV’s over 24,000 locations and reaching 1in3 adults +18, plenty of consumers are in for a good scare this Halloween week at the pumps, consumers are already posting on Twitter and the curiosity has begun! Really shows the power of scale with OOH.


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