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Stay Home —It’s Beyond Washing Your Hands at this Point. 

OOH $$ From Alexis Ohanian Sr., Co-founder of Reddit, and Investor in AdQuick

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Stay Home 

Alexis Ohanian Sr., Co-founder of Reddit, and investor in AdQuick via his investment capital firm, Initialized Capital, has put his money where his mind is, in #OOH of course.  Recognizing the Country’s efforts to beat back the coronavirus, Ohanian purchased space in Times Square.  The message, #FlattenTheCurve; ‘Staying Home Means Saving Lives’.  Ohanian says, OOH is an effective way to communicate the message we all must take very seriously. #stayhome


OOH Today’s insights:

I never thought in my 40 years in OOH, I would ever suggest or agree with the idea of ‘staying home’. But I do.  Slowing the spread of #COVID19 by staying home and away from crowds for just a short two weeks and the Country can make a major impact on the advancement on this virus.  So join in the message to, ‘Flatten the Growth Curve’. ‘ Stay Home.’

Work from home.  Keep social trips off the docket. Follow safe social distance recommendations. Certainly follow hand washing protocol, but real change is so much more and beyond washing your hands at this point. Containment and discipline.

The alternatives are not favorable, particularly in the long term if we fail to slow or flatten the curve. We’ll continue to update coronavirus information as it applies to OOH as well as the world and US economy. Let’s all get behind this effort to Stay Home.

Note: The Board Room with special guests, has a special edition podcast coming early this week, we recorded Sunday.




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