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Pandora Launches 3D Billboard in Times Square

Celebrating Black Music Month

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message for Wrapify

To celebrate Black Music Month and promote the initiative in style, Pandora went beyond the traditional online ads and promotional tools. Working together with innovation technology company BCN Visuals, Pandora unveiled a massive anamorphic 3D billboard on June 18th, serving as a centerpiece to a Times Square dance party takeover.

The 3D animated unit is the first fully choreographed motion-capture (MOCAP) based 3D billboard ever created, and a true testament to Pandora’s innovative vision. In order to preserve the authenticity of the movements and celebrate the featured dance styles in their most accurate forms, BCN Visuals used Rokoko full body MOCAP suits to track and record the body movements of a team of professional African American performers with maximum accuracy, down to the individual fingertips. The motion data was then transferred over to a team of CG and VFX artists who brought to life four unique animated scenes featuring Hollywood film quality 3D characters and environments.
About BCN Visuals
BCN Visuals is an award-winning international innovation partner that creates engaging global experiences for brands and agencies. We bring digital storytelling to life, with the world’s most creative and exciting 3D advertising campaigns.

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