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OOH Today Weekend Update Update

"Was it really Out of Home?"

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Here’s our weekly recap of the top OOH stories you may have missed this week, plus commentary from BB

1. OOH They Said It Today — BBDO’s Matthew Low

 BBDO Worldwide Creative Director Matthew Low weighs in on The Moldy Whopper winning a #CannesLion Gold in creative effectiveness…2 years after its launch. 247 comments later, where do you stand?

OOH Today’s Take

Surprise! Surprise! An award given to a contestant who’s submission of material was well past its ‘eligibility’ date!  Common?  Seems so. All too much in fact. Who notices? Who really cares?  As prestigious as the #CannesLion is or is suppose to be, and an award of the ‘magnitude’ of a Lions Gold, actually lessens the stature and therefore, value. Is it the right thing to do? No. Should it have even qualified? Not a chance. Is BBDO’s Matthew Low correct in his criticism? Absolutely.  

While we are on the subject


How about the top dog, number 1, best of show, 2022 Obie Award handed out by the OAAA at this year’s May annual conference? The PLATINUM OBIE WINNER, the best in class in OAAA’s competition was Michelob ULTRA Courtside Experience. Which by the way, the campaign actually expired September 26, 2020. Yes 2020.  Eligible under guidelines? I don’t think so.  And insult to further injury, as most said to me at the show, after and still over a month since it was awarded I am still hearing about it, “was it really Out of Home?”  Not according to iSpot.tv ⇒ Michelob ULTRA Courtside TV Spot, ‘A Whole New Experience’. Not according to most OOH veterans who know the difference between a TV commercial and an OOH execution. Does it devalue the Obie Award? That’s what I love about the OOH Today’s 27,000+ network, our data says your a smart group who understands and #knowsOOH. 

Wrapping up the Whopper. To be clear, I LOVE the moldy Whopper!  Courage and shock value to run this photo! Homerun! Absolute award winner!

It’s about the timing and eligibility of the campaign. One guy (Low) at upper agency level comes out and asks what’s up with that. As most do when confronted with their hands in the ‘cookie jar’ so to speak, they’ll write Matthew Low off as an outlier. A misfit. Low had the courage to publicly say what everyone else is thinking but others lack the courage to say openly. The BBDO Creative Director with 7 years of experience at the agency under his belt stepped up in a recent LinkedIn post begging the question. See it here ⇒Don’t get me wrong.

Good for you Matthew Low!  Thank you!

– BB


2. goodr Stands Out in Tiny Georgia Town

Budget-friendly active sunglass brand goodr chose to launch its first large scale awareness campaign in Carl, Georgia, for a solid reason. The town (population 269) shares the same name with Carl the Flaming, goodr’s mascot and honorary CEO.
OOH Today’s Take
Dominating a small market with large format OOH is a BLAST!  Love to see it! Love to hear about it!
I hope they got the social media results they had to be hoping for. For you data and software ‘experts’ let’s be honest, the only real data which counts is in the sales and revenues lines. Forget that and you have no company. Can’t keep ‘burning’ through the investment cash with out return.
While I am here, may as well throw-in creative comments as well. Cute? Maybe a 6. Pink flamingos are over done. Love the side by side posters and use of cutouts and extensions. Revise to 6.75
– BB

3. OUTFRONT Buys Beyond the Border

OUTFRONT acquired a portfolio of prime DOOH assets in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from Leading Outdoor Inc., founded by father and son, Vance Macdonald Sr. and Vance Macdonald Jr.

OOH Today’s Take
Good to see OUTFRONT expanding their territory further ‘Up Nort’. (yes the ‘h’ was intentionally left out) ‘Out’ get it? OK sorry. OUT is already in O Canada! with a few markets. Why not more in the footprint? Could this be a signal of expansion outside of North America. Consider two of the top 3 officers at OUT are Brits, why not European expansion? Yes a bit of a reach but why not?
Look for more buys from OUT coming very soon continuing with the upper northwest of the US, while Lamar slices a bit of the mid Atlantic into their basket. 
– BB


4. Study: OOH Paving the Way for a Post-Pandemic Marketing Renaissance

OneScreen.ai’s new research cites 77% of consumers are noticing their physical surroundings more now than before the pandemic. 86% recall a brand or product name from an OOH ad they saw.


OOH Today’s Take
Recall” ?  Noticing their physical surroundings more? You decide what that means and let me know. 
– BB


5. The U.S. Ad Market is Flattening — An Analysis of the Rest of The Ad Industry

OOH ad revenue increased 40.5% in Q1, but how does that compare the rest of the advertising industry? Standard Media Index has the answers with invoicing data from all major holding companies and most major independents, representing 95% of national brand ad spend.

OOH Today’s Take
Yep on the face of it, any double digit growth is impressive. I mean COME ON, 40.5%!  Impressive!
Let’s remember the importance of growth relative to what?
We will check in a the end of the year comparing the OOH revenue increase for the year relative or compared to 2019. Additionally, that exponential growth thing is as a result of 8 segments or reality of 8 faces every time a pole with a digital face goes in the ground or attaches to a wall. The expectations and revenue growth should be calculated with ‘same store’ or organic growth sales figures. If you keep building more signs especially at compounding rate of 8 at time and or buy enough of the competition, of course you are going to grow, That’s not real growth.
Ladies and Gentleman please hold your applause until the end of the program. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to follow the cheerleaders with appropriate chants and support. Why don’t you jump on the team and Come on in for the BIG Win! 
– BB


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